ankle and feet pain

hi i have had crohns since 1998 had a ileostomy in 2001. i seem to be continually having flares as have a narrowing in small bowel . I will be soon be starting a course of injections which hopefully will help. However i have constant pain in my ankles and feet and knees just wondering if anyone has any idea on how i can ease this pain. I have in the past talked with a nurse specialist whose response was to just live with it !! which is kinda hard when you can hardly walk at times.

Any help would be great

Thank You

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  • Had the same problem,Large tablespoon of apple cyder vinegar,same amount of honey ,teaspoon of whiskey,worked for me,!!.plus two vitamin D + calcium daily.

  • thanks for that will give it ago although it might end up being the whole bottle of whiskey lol

  • Used to be a heavy drinker,found over the years that alcohol in any form aggravated my condition.

  • Calcium koalaitisbare in addition to VitD is not such a good idea. VitD on its own improves the uptake of calcium from your diet. However it is advisable to take VitK2 to ensure the calcium does not remain in the arteries but heads for your bones and teeth. New research out there about calcium being not all it is cracked up to be. Was yours measured before you supplemented ?

  • strange then that Medi care market tablets that contain calcium and vit d.Could also be a B12 deficiency.

  • Yes the GP's in the UK also prescribe a combination pill. Probably because they have not caught up with the latest research. You can check it out for yourself with Dr Google :-)

    B12 Deficiency is VERY common - anything under 500 can present with neurological symptoms ....

  • I notice from many of your posts that IBD sufferers are still being prescribed medications that have been used for the last twenty years or more.they were useless in many cases then and probably still are now,it appears little progress has been made on that front.

  • Have you been tested for enteropathic / rheumatoid arthritis - If you can get referral to rheumatologist then they can do ultrasound scan to dtermine if its arthritis. A lot of people with CD have arthritis unfortunately

  • hmm ok thank you i will speak to my nurse as was told by a surgeon its the crohns playing games

  • You may wish to read my post about B12 ...... I would have both the VitD and B12 tested - obtain the results - post here in a new post and ask for advice about supplementing .....

  • Hello..I also have excruciating foot..ankle..and knee pain. I have been fighting Crohn since 1999 . I also have both osteo and serum neg. RA arthritis. The lower extremity problems are ever bit as bad as the intestinal one of my Crohns ! :(

    I am currently on Remicade infusions for 3 years and also take Azathioprine , prednisone, two different pain meds and still can barely stand the pain when I walk and even when I'm not on my feet ! I virtually OWN a shoe store ! Ughhhhh

    Dr.s just are not concerned ...period. 😡

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