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What is wrong??

I am currently being tested for a number of things! I am awaiting results of blood tests. Everything I eat seems to send me to the loo. I have pains in my stomach and a slight temperature. It has taken me months for a gp the agree something wasn't right! I am hoping for a result as I can no longer live like this. I cannot go out for meals with my family or eat before I go anywhere πŸ˜‘

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insist on a colonoscopy.

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I really feel for you, it is frustrating when things move so slowly, I agree that a colonoscopy would help with trying to identify what the cause is. Keep strong and take care.


It's so frustrating when you know something is wrong and feel like your getting no where with your doctor. I was referred for tests in January, didn't actually have the test till end of April. What I was told was I had gastritis. At the end of May I had an emergency operation as my bowel perforated, I was diagnosed with Chrohons disease, I'm not trying to frighten you but I've learned that it is my body!! I know when somethings not right and I expect the doctor to take it seriously and send me for the appropriate tests.we have some great doctors For which I am so great full for and some that really shouldn't be practising anymore. So if your not happy with what you are or are not being told see another GP. I hope your problem is resolved soon, take care.


My husband got like that. He has Crohn's disease. He had IBD for 20+ years, but stress exacerbated his symptoms to the point where he developed Crohn's disease and was in constant pain, could not eat before or during work or before going anywhere. His was a "worst case scenario" with a flare-up that was uncontrollable for more than 3 years. I hope that you are not in that condition. He was bleeding all the time and had to have blood transfusions every eight weeks or so. He lost a lot of weight and looked skeletal. Staying on a strict diet did not control his flare-up nor did his meds. The doctors wanted to remove his intestines and rectum and give him bag. He opted to try homeopathy. He is currently in a state of remission. He eats many whole foods. He gave up gmo foods, caffeine (coffee and tea), alcohol, refined flours, refined sugars, food additives/chemicals, including food colourings and artificial flavorings. The most important thing that has helped him is the use of a spray called Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil which he spritzes on his whole body 20 minutes before his shower. It goes into his cells without upsetting his bowels (I will warn you that it causes the skin to itch until it is rinsed off). His doctors were not even looking at or concerned with his low magnesium levels in his blood! Once that was addressed, his body began to heal and even make red blood cells. He has not had a blood transfusion in 2 years. He is not well, but he can eat before and during work. He has gained most of his weight back. He is not in constant pain. Every once in a while, he goes off his diet, and then he discovers that he is not well. I hope that this helps you. Magnesium deficiency can cause all sorts of inflammation. You may be low. The oral varieties cause diarrhea, so if you decide to try it, use a good quality spray which can be purchased online and without a prescription.


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