constipation and IBD

hello just looking for some feed back. I have been bothered now for over 2 years with alternate bowel habits more constipation than diarrhoea but bleeding etc all the signs as everyone knows, im awaiting a colonoscopy under general to see what's happening but just wanted some stories private message me if you wish or share on this but any feed back I would appreciate. my doctor believes its ibs but im not. I am currently extremely tired, bleeding almost like flu symptoms nausea and difficulty sleeping.

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  • Hi there, it's such a horrible disease this IBD, which ever one you may have. Apart from your doctor saying he thinks it's IBs have you been diagnosed with anything else in the past? I have had ulcerative colitis 25 years ago, then 10 years ago I had diahoreah for 4 weeks!! To eventually be told they thought I'd had a bad bowel infection!! Then recently 28th may, my bowel perforated, abcess as big as a rugby ball!! My surgeons words not me exaggerating!! Had part of my bowel removed and have a colostomy bag. I had a gastroscopy a couple of months ago and was told I had gastritis and an ulcer!! I kept vomiting and in the end it was just liquid I was vomiting. I couldn't eat!! I lost two and a half stone in 5 months. So at the end of it all I was told I had Crohn's disease. I kept telling my self I would be ok it was gastritis and it would get better. I had no reason to doubt what the experts had told me!! I was at work the night before I went into hospital. I work in a care home and I knew I couldn't do my job anymore I felt too ill. So I set my alarm for 7.30 in the morning so I could start ringing the doctors st 8am. I got an appointment with my own go. I hadn't seen him for months!! The one I saw previously the week before after my boss rang and said I needed to see someone as she was worried about me!! He told me to put a hot water bottle on the area it hurt, have a hot bath and have good posture. I did what he said and ended up in bed all weekend with a temperature!! Anyway my doctor new straight away something was wrong and sent me straight to hospital. So the moral of my story is, doctors are not God!! They don't know everything, they sometimes get it wrong!! So never be afraid to get a second opinion, ask questions. It's your health and your body. I hope I haven't frightened you it's just my story and my experience, I've still to find out what happens next as they believe there's still some Crohn's left in, but I have to be positive and not dwell on it as we all no stress and anxiety don't mix well will IBD. Good luck with your tests and I hope the outcome for you is the best it can be for you. Take care 🙏🏻

  • Thank u so much for ur reply. Yeah I have been diagnosed with crohns colitis last year following a sigmoidoscopy where there was ulcers and inflammation. But biospy said non specific and I changed consultants as he said I may have miss diagnosed u. But this new one hasn't done anything apart from endoscopy which should inflammation again and I was put on steriods for but said it was acid. It's crazy. But hoping with this colonscopy I'll know for sure. Feel awful tho x

  • I know how poorly it makes you feel, I was advised not to touch dairy products, by someone who has managed to control it through diet. I follow this rule now in the hope it will help me in the long term. I also take turmeric as it's supposed to help with Crohn's. I'm willing to try almost anything to help myself and not have to take the drugs I may need at some point in future. I do think with some of the so called medical people they're overworked and as yours said he may have mis diagnosed you dosnt fill you with much confidence does it. I take omeprazole for acid as it helped to stop me vomiting. I was on 80mg at one point but now on 20mg. Let's hope the new guy you're seeing is more helpful to you!! Youl have to let me know how you get on x

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