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pending surgery


I have had crown's for some twenty years and over the last year i have been struggling with sever abdominal pain / cramping and nausea , My consultant as said i have a major blockage in the area where i had a resection and that there are many lesions . I am due to have anther resection in the next couple of months and i am really apprehensive due to previous history of an emergency resection some twenty years ago .

I have discontinued my methotrexate and Humira at the advice of my consultant .

My diet is very limited at present, but my symptoms appear to have become tolerable .

Maybe this is just due to the fact i am watching my dietary intake more or could it be down to stopping these medications

I really don't want to go through a major operation if i don't need to

Advice would be welcome.


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Hi Anniemouse.

This may sound odd but have they tried you on laxatives? Im currently on 2 senna and 2 docusate morning and evening due to several small bowel strictures. The recommended laxative is laxido or movicol which is a drink (Made me sick). it obviously helps the stool get past the strictures etc.

You already said you have adjusted your diet, a high fibre diet can cause major problems with strictures and scar tissue so it is best to eat a low fibre/residue diet, Its bland and boring but at least it pain free.

Medicine has also come a long way in 20 years including anaesthesia, and is safer and has less complications/reactions. i understand you dont want further surgery - who in their right mind would, but if needed will hopefully make you feel much better.

good Luck x


Thank you for that

I am on a low residue diet , which as you say is pretty boring but tolerable.

I have never been offered laxatives because until recently the stools were very watery , now the opposite .

I know medicine has improved over the last twenty years but it my memory from the last twenty years ago when i had major surgery it was pretty horrific and i have scars to prove it....

but staying positive what will be will be and i am going to London St Marks hospital so I have faith in the team there .

Thank you for your ongoing support

Hope you are keeping well

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I understand, and best to stay with who you trust.

Iv had a rough couple of months. Had surgery a couple of weeks ago for adhesions and removal of left fallopian tube during an exploratory laparoscopy to see why Im having severe right sided pain and nausea/ vomiting. CT had shown ovarian cysts on right so gastro pushed me to gynae. Long story cut short no cause found (except they know i have small bowel strictures) woke up to be told no longer a gynae patient and no gastro beds so sent home 14 hours after surgery!

just waiting for my out pt appointment now on 4th july x


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