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Ulcerative Colitis

Just thought I would detail what my daughter went through with this condition. Initially incorrectly diagnosed with food poisoning by our GP, we were eventually sent into hospital for checks, and immediately the doctor diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis and kept my daughter in hospital for all the checks. Bearing in mind she was 11, a very frightening time for all.

Once it was confirmed the condition was treated with with various forms of medicine, this had small improvements, but with my daughter getting weaker, the decision was made to have the first of three operations to remove the colon and fit a colostomy bag. As soon as she got over the operation, her wellbeing improved dramatically, and she continued back at school as normal, she could do everything every other child did (Apart from rockclimbing as the straps went over the colostomy bag, lol)

A year later she was fit enough to have the 2nd operation via key hole surgery to rebuild her insides.

Pleased to say after the 3rd operation she is back to school, no colostomy bag, toilet as normal, and few small scars from the key hole operation.

Thank you to the NHS in Devon, they were wonderful and we endeavour to help out the crohns and colitis charities as much as possible

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Im so happy top hear everything has gone so well for your daughter and a big hug to her for all she went through x

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Glad to hear you daughter was properly diagnosed and everything went well. All the best to you and your daughter.


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