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Hi for years I've been diagnosed as having ibs only test I've had is 4 years ago endoscopy diagnosing gastritis /duodenitis however since sept I have severe pain hurts to press right side. Crp esr elevated and when I eat the pain can be intense.very gassy. I have spasms of pain around navel during night.im on iron so diarrhea has stopped. I'm so scared as to what it could be.im 40 ..8 kids and female. Anyone diagnosed late or can relate??

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Hi, a lot of IBD sufferers are misdiagnosed with IBS in early days. The only way it can be diagnosed is by a colonoscopy and faecal calprotein test. there are other indicators of IBD, that is not present with IBS, as IBD is inflammation and ulceration, in Crohns anywhere from mouth to anus, and ulcerative colitis the bowel . Do you pass any blood or mucus? any weight loss? and how many times do you open bowels in a day? Also does any one in family have IBD or any other autoimmune disorder x


Hi I would have had ibs d a few times until I went on iron so now opposite problem. Adopted so I've no idea of family history:(


I would ask GP to refer you to gastroenterologist and do a faecal calprotein test. IBD symptoms during a flare include diarrhoea, with blood and mucus, having bowels opened frequently and having to go there and then, including during the night and weight loss

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