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Help Diagnosing Colitis

Hello I am new to the group and need some advice please. I have suffered with IBS for many years but 10 months ago my bowl movements changed and I had very different symptoms to what I was used to with my IBS. When I list my symptoms they all tie in with colitis, my main concern is bloody diarrhoea everyday, throughout the day and an urgency to go and sometimes my bowls just coming away from me, increased wind, stomach pains. However been to GP, blood tests negative, referral to the colorectal consultant, had full colonoscopy which states no colitis. The consultant is adamant that it is IBS but I am not convinced. I have been told that symptoms are there but no pathology to evidence it. Has anyone else had any issues with a diagnosis. I'm not sure where to from here. Any advice please

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Hi, Im sorry your feeling unwell. Crohns and Ulcerative colitis are diagnosed through a combination of blood tests and biopsies taken from the bowel during colonoscopies. the bowel of crohns/colitis are inflammed, ulcerated, and have a cobblestone appearance. bloods show raised inflammatory markers where the body is fighting against the bowel. have you been asked to do a faecal calprotein test? this is a stool sample that is examined for specific cells known to be evident in inflammatory disease but not IBS.

also have you ever been checked for Coeliacs?

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