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Its all Malcy's fault!!!

Malcy was posting about Speed and it was one of the podcasts that I used a lot last summer, just loved it. Well I had been taking my runs slow and steady after injury but on reading his post yesterday I decided I'd give Speed a gentle try!!!!

Woke up this morning at 6.30 and thought why waste such a lovely morning, get up, put a load of washing in the machine, have a cuppa and banana. I was ready to set off by 7.30am.

Ipod charged, no Speed, duh, whats happened to my C25K+ programmes, have lost them all.

Ah well I'm out any way so I might as well go for a trot. I ended up on the road which leads to the park, quick trot around the park, then back out onto the same long road, with my favourite lamp posts, yeh I'd try just a few HIIT runs, not many, I need to watch my leg still. Off I sprinted to the first lamp post, slowed for the next two, then "Oh no, I don't believe it"!!! There were about 20 teenagers all heading towards me in green blazers (academy kids). reached another lamp post, time to sprint again, then slowed for the next two. I was nearly up to the kids, who were blocking the whole road (pedestrians and cycles only). Off into another sprint, as fast as I could, damn my legs and arms pumped like the clappers and low and behold the green blazers parted right down the middle. One kid said "she's quite fast" another says "She's doing HIIT, watch she'll slow at the next post" By this time my lungs were on fire, my legs were almost ready to buckle, then a smarty pants shouted, 3,2,1 sprint, I had reached another lamp post and they had I assume turned to watch me, well I couldn't disappoint them could I? ;) But 4 sprints was enough for my return to HIIT but damn it felt gooooooooddddd:) Gentle jog home, shower and off to the gym for two classes.

Don't worry if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, I'm off Whale watching in Cape Verde Islands. :)

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haha! Brilliant! That's fab Oldgirl. It really made me smile and I love that you impressed the kids! In fact I'm quite impressed they knew what you were doing.

I've been wondering whether to do speed or a 5k this lovely evening and you may have just help me make up my mind :)


The boy must be a runner or into football\rugby I've seen them training up there before now they use posts or tops as markers. It's a fun way to run, I'm not saying it's easy cos it's not but you get a real sense of achievement after it and you dont have to do it for long to benefit. Enjoy your run this evening.


Great work Oldgirl!


Ha ha! I'll blame Malcy too! I went out after walking grandson to playschool and decided after Malcy's blog to try Speed - why did I not think that that big yellow think in the sky and the fact that it was 1pm meant it was hot! My face was burning, and the riverside tree cover is still not leaf covered, yikes! My face was beetroot and dripping, attractive, not!

I managed all the runs, but was panting like my dog in the car last week as we approached the beach - loudly, and probably dribbling too! It was do-able but seemed over so quickly, so I jogged on for a while after it had finished then realised my podcast had changed to Stepping Stones so ended up doing 4.66k (wanting to get the distance up for 5x50!) and ending on the 160bpm section instead of the warm down walk! :-)

I cooled off hanging out the washing, lunch the shower before collecting Grandson where we had the slowest ever walk home via the shop where I treated myself to a Mint Magnum! Unheard of, as I have been so good pointing on WW, but have got loads of points left for today!

I am so glad I didn't bump into a road full of schoolkids, but I am impressed that they were impressed by your efforts, and knew what you were doing! :-)


So impressed that you impressed the acadamy bunch - well done! I really enjoyed reading that. It might even have inspired some of them to think about fitness a bit more too. :)


Must have been a great workout. What have I started though? I've been tied up the last few days but should manage Speed 2 tomorrow.

Have a terrific holiday in Wales. Cape Verde Islands ... is that near Anglesey? (:->)


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