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It's good to be back!

I graduated at the end of Nov, kept running through Dec and Jan and then somehow came to a full stop. I think I ran a couple of times in Feb, but not at all in March, or April.

Life, colds, flu and kids with chicken pox all seemed to stop me getting out the door. I began to really miss my runs, but also worry about making it back out. Would it just be too hard? Would I have to start from scratch? So I kept putting off restarting.

Well yesterday I decided enough was enough and downloaded wk 1, so I could start again this morning. In the end the weather was so glorious that I downloaded wk5 r3 the infamous 20 min run while I changed and then headed out. To my amazement I managed it, although slow I felt like I could have gone on longer. I am chuffed to bits and definately back on the wagon.

Today is also the first time I've been back on the site for a while and it's brilliant to see all the new 10kers, not sure I'll try that, but I'm looking forward to getting back to 5k soon!

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Good to have you back and congratulations on a successful first run. Take it steady but I don't think you will have lost much of your fitness, not when you have kids to run after. Its surprising how well our bodies cope after a break so long as it hasn't been due to serious illness. All the best.


Thanks Oldgirl,

You are right it is amazing how our bodies work if we give them a chance, amazed me the first time round and again now I'm back


Welcome back Jemimatoo, I have had an extremely similar experience to you - graduated in October, all grand til December then it went belly-up and I lost confidence in my self and ability to do it!

Returned to the forum yesterday and ran today - managed 5k very very slowly (which it sounds like you would've done too) which I am over the moon about!

Have you decided how you're going to progress from here? I don't know what to do!

So good to hear another person back on the wagon as it were - maybe we're all coming out of hibernation!


Hi Newbie, your answer and blog inpired me to see how far I could go.

I put Laura wk9 on yesterday and managed 4.6k. I did a 5k route I know, but stupidly forgot that I'd included the warm up walk in it! Never mind, will aim for 5k next time out and take as long as need to do it, then I think I'll move on to speed, I love that one.

Hope all is going well for you too


Welcome back Jemimatoo! We graduated more or less at the same time. Look forward to running with you again, Delia xox


Thanks Delia, it's lovely to be back out there


It's great you've managed back, Jemimatoo! Shouldn't think it'll be too long before you're back to where you left off! :)


Thanks Oona

Hope you are right, I'm amazed at how much I can still do plus the added bonus of running in the warm is great!


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