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Big life changes AND learned how to run differently. IT'S BRILLIANT TO BE BACK!

Warning. Long post. Sorry, but lots to catch up with.

Hello lovely people. I've missed you so much. Not posted for a while as there's been lots going on my life. Where to start?

Well, hubby has retired (this in itself is a huge change as we both have to get used to each other. While at work you spend so much time apart don't you?). We've also moved "to the country". Big change but we love it. We live in a hamlet, not even a village. So different from where we were before (flight path, traffic, noise, people..... you get the picture). Now all we hear is birds, horses clopping on the road and that lovely summer hum of bees, cuckoos and heavy silence. Bliss.

Now, the running thing.

Before we moved it was all going tickety boo, had got up to 7k and then I started having pains and twinges in my ankles, knee and frankly the whole of my right side. I got new shoes but no avail. I saw a physio who said I wasn't using my glutes to run but using my lower legs, hence the twinges. I was also landing on my toes! He didn't want me to run until I strengthened my glutes. He did ask me if I really wanted to run as I needed to learn how to run differently. Did I heck? I wasn't, wasn't, wasn't going to give up running. I loved it too much. To be honest I couldn't face losing all that fitness I had gained. Shortly after this we moved. So, long story short, I didn't run for about 4 weeks and SO MISSED it! I dreamed about running! We also had dire technology problems so I couldn't even get my fix by reading all your great posts here!

So, imagine my delight when I found out that our closest gym had a running clinic and also had a couple of running trails around the grounds! I think I was more excited about this than I was about the house!

So, I booked myself in to the running clinic pronto. Nice lady took one look at me and said " your right hip is slightly lower than your left hip. Do you have problems on that side?" YES! I could have hugged her. She gets this. She's a runner so she knows what she's talking about. My new BFF.

She gave me lots of glutes strengthening exercises, advised me to start off on the treadmill for 10 minutes only and build from there. BTW, I did a VO2 max test (tests aerobic endurance) and I was higher than average for my age. Very happy about that.

I've been doing the exercises religiously 3 times a week for about a month and delighted to say there have been no more aches or pains. I'm now outside but still working up the distances slowly. I'm also trying to land mid foot and not on my toes. It takes a lot of concentration but takes my mind off the other stuff!

On Monday hubby and I went for a run together (he used to do a lot of running but his knees are bug***ed due to cricket of all things!) but he is really fit and I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with him. But I did! He led which was good for me as he made a great pace maker. I'm like a bat out of hell and go too fast. He kept looking around to make sure I was there and yep I was right behind him! I did a nice 4k and he went on for another couple of kms. But it was lovely to go out with him and we really enjoyed it.

Today I went out on my own and did 4k again and thought I was really plodding as it was so windy (at one stage I swear I was running on the spot) and at the end got a message on my Garmin to say I had a new record. New record? WTF? I had run my fastest km at 6.18. I was so, so happy.

To anyone out there with injuries I have this message. You will get out there again. Just listen to your body ( and the pros), don't push it, do the stretching and plan all those runs you'll do when you're back!

From a very, very happy princess.

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Lovely to hear you are back and enjoying your big life changes. It will be great to explore your new location on your runs. I like the sound of a running clinic! My physio also set me a load of glute and hip exercises - it does make a real difference to the running doesn't it?

Enjoy yourself.


Yes, can't wait to explore! I'm determined to take it very slowly as I missed running so much and don't want to take time off again. The running clinic was fab - did gait analysis which confirmed I had weak glutes (my right knee turned inwards when running). But, so far all good. Must keep doing the exercises though! Thanks for your good wishes.


wow...that journey has taken you real determination and shows how much you love your running....Your new home sounds wonderful...well done on hanging in there!!


Thank you JJ. It's great to see you're still going strong and posting your great posts. I've missed them!


Thanks for your nice post, it sounds really good. I have really a lot of pain in my hip so it was interesting to read about the riunning clinic and your glute exercises. I am going to see a physio to see if they can help balance me out. I often wear insoles I had made by a podiatrist cos one leg is slightly longer than the other ( only a millimetre or too but it puts all my body slightly out of alignment like you say) but I don't wear them running, so maybe I should try that as well. Good look with getting back fully. It sounds like you have some great places to look forward to exploring.


I had special insoles too ( not because I have one leg longer but because they were super comfy in the shop!) but must admit haven't worn them recently. I did wear them when I started having twinges but they didn't seem to make any difference and I still ended up at physio! The physio did say the insoles need getting used to so maybe if you are going to use them, then build up gradually. Thank you for your reply.


Great post ! Your perseverance has paid off , Irish Princess.

It sounds like your new area is lovely to explore and run in...enjoy :)


Thank you so much Carolecal. I was determined to get back to running as I love it so much (who knew?!).


You are very kind KittyKat (great name by the way). We love our new home and area.


Great to hear you have been busy, but in a really productive and positive way. I'm still waiting for an ankle injury to clear up,then I hope to be back out there also. I not long graduated when I had to break from running because of it, so to hear your story is another thread of enthusiasm to pick up on. As you have said IP, this forum is a real source of encouragement. I too have been using it to ' keep me running' - even though I'm not- because I had only been running for about 2 months, and after 4 weeks off as I have had, it would be so easy to just sit back on that virtual couch and stay there! So - thanks for the post IP. B-)


So sorry you're out injured forrestg. How did you injure your ankle? You're so right about this forum. It's so inspirational isn't it? Hopefully it won't be long before you're out there again. It's a question of when not if. But you WILL return!. All the best and thank you for your lovely words.


A week off with no running, stretching or anything....then going back into it with just a brisk warm-up walk, which is what I had always been able to do previously - but it seems after a week away from it - no! You can't do that. Here I am a month later. :'(


What a wonderful surprise for you that the gym had a clinic that was so suitable for you. You must feel very happy at the moment. Good luck with your exercises and continued running. Best wishes.


It was a fantastic surprise Fitmo! And the lady really understands about running injuries. Thank you for your best wishes.


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