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Ankle/Leg pain, not sure whether to continue with W7 or rest??

I feel like i've been doing well up till now. Each time I've found it a bit tough going, I've logged on here and found the determination to keep going. But now I have a bizzare injury and it's stopped me in my tracks. It feels tender like a sprain but its too high up (just above my ankle bone) to be one and its not a bruise either. Not sure whether to just run through the pain or to give it another day or two.

Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated :)

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There are long muscles and ligaments that run down from the leg to the foot alongside the ankle bones. If it doesn't ease up in a day or so with some rest then do see a sports physio. Try to keep it mobile by getting the area really warm - wheat bag, hot bottle, hot bath and holding a stretch for a good minute at a time.


thank you for replying, Its lovely to think that people want to offer complete strangers help and advice! I've got some techniques to be getting on with, if they dont ease it I will definately seek out a sports physio. Thanks again xx


Sounds to me like it could be a tendon. I have been plagued by tendon trouble in my lower legs. Don't want to confuse you lol, but I find that ice works best rather than heat. A bag of frozen peas over the painful area is ideal. Definitely rest it for a couple of days and try to elevate your foot a bit xx


Thanks for the advice xx


If it just above the ankle bone in the soft area and feels tight when you flex your foot down and up it could be the Peroneal Tendon which runs on the outside of the Achilles. Rest would be the first thing, a visit to a Sports Physio if its really bad. There are exercises you can do to help which I got from my physio.

A) SOLEUS STRETCH ON STEP, - With the ball of your foot on the edge of a step and your knee bent, slowly drop your heel down and bend your knee further until you feel a stretch in your calf, Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times (twice daily)

B) GASTRONCNEMIUS STRETCH ON STEP, - With the ball of your foot on the edge of a step and your knee straight, slowly drop your heel down until you feel a stretch in your calf, Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times (twice daily)

These are the two exercises I did to repair the damage to my tendon, I did it for both legs, cos after all if one leg had suffered an injury like this the chances were that the other one could so I took the preventative action just in case. This combined with physio massage and ultrasound treatment had me sorted and back running slowly and gently in 5 weeks.

Hope you get it sorted but I would suggest an extra couple of days rest would be safer than being sorry.


Thank you, i've been trying the stretches and they seem to be easing the pain for a while. I'll give it a few days rest and should be back on it soon!xx


I get that and I thought it was posterior shin splints (based on looking at google images) but now reading these other answers I'm beginning to wonder if that is what it is at all. Anyway, posterior shin splints are more common in people who have flat feet and over-prognate. I'd recommend getting gait analysis done if you haven't already because if that is what you have it can be corrected by having the right footwear.

I've got normal gait however so my issue couldn't be solved with footwear but what works for me is rolling it out on a foam roller (except it's actually a bit of sewage pipe masquerading as a foam roller). I didn't get past week two when I tried the C25K last year because of this pain (which I also initially called "ankle pain") and it looked like I was going to have to give it up this time on week 2 again (I was aware of the pain even in my sleep) but I gave myself a week off and started rolling it out on the roller / pipe every night and, fingers crossed, that seems to been managing it. I'm still very aware that the area is tender when I roll it out on the pipe but I'm not aware of it at other times. I also tried ibuprofen, heat, ice but I've stopped all those up now and just do stretches and the roller.


Gotta love Dr Google! Thanks for the advice xx


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