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Week 7 not off to a great start ๐Ÿ˜•

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Evening all

I embarked on week 7 earlier but I just wasn't feeling it tonight. My nose kept running, eyes were streaming and ear bud kept falling out of my left ear! To be honest I think my legs were shattered from Mondays 25 mins too.

Feel a little disappointed that I didn't go the whole distance but reckon I ran for 20 of the 25 mins or thereabouts. . Then I think how far I have come so reckon it's chin up and have another go in a few days.

Good luck to all of you on this journey guess we have to take the rough with the smooth โ˜บ

8 Replies

I feel for you mummy brummy, some runs just aren't meant to be. Good for you sticking it out as long as you could, you'll be right next time out. Chin up, keep smiling, you're doing fab :)

mummybrummyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

Thanks- been searching other members posts about week 7 and a few seem.to hit a brick wall with this one so good to know I am not alone

Will persevere but if I never graduate and just get out 2 or 3 times a week for a 20 mins jog it has made a massive difference to my mood, my weight and my overall wellbeing that I shall be happy to do just that.

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to mummybrummy

Just take it easy and go slow when you get out there again. You've come so far and have already proved you can run 25 mins, there's no reason why you can't do it again. You've had a bad run, the next one will be fine, it'll probably even be a really good one! And in a few weeks you will graduate!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘


I've had two bad runs in a row, so I know how frustrating it is. Look for the positives in each run, however small they may seem, to help you stay motivated. Good luck!


Rough, smooth, ups and downs.. you just take it in your stride, because you can do this :)

You can run for the time... you know that, so don't fret any more.

The nose runs at this time are a pain... my nose runs faster than me!

Go you...onwards and upwards!


Mummybrummy, week 7 really is the hardest week of all. It's your pesky brain saying it can't do this and convincing you that it's your body saying it can't. Don't listen.

At some point everyone of us have doubted ourselves, but you really can do this, in fact you have done it already. Go to bed tonight telling yourself (and meaning it) that you can do this. Wake up knowing you can do this. Then get out there and just get on with it. You'll amaze yourself.

And what do you mean by thinking you may not graduate? It may take longer than 9 weeks, but the fact that you have got to week 7 tells me you are not giving up. Have faith in the program, so many people have graduated that really didn't believe they could, read the inspiration posts and convince yourself that it is possible. I'm looking forward to reading your W9r3 post.


This happened to me just the other day. I'd completed week 7 (yay). and then when I attempted Week 8 day 1 I got the most terrible shin splints and could only run for 8 minutes before I had to give up (devastated and in agony). However, I had had a particularly heavy weekend so I rested a couple of days, and yesterday I tried again. It was so much easier and I completed the run. I think every one must have days when they don't feel it. Listen to your body, have a rest, and try again, and be reassured that you know you can run for 25 minutes. You can do it. :-)

Hi mummybrummy, just read your post! I am doing W7R2 tonight (I think!) but I'm literally exhausted this week - not sure if it's just built up and suddenly taken it out of me all at once but I was in bed at 9 last night and would have slept on until who knows when this morning if I didn't have to go to work :-( But we have to remember what we have achieved! Especially if I think back to my first run (only 7 weeks ago!) when running just one minute was such a struggle and going up to 90 seconds was a such big hurdle!! Hope the next run goes really well! ;-)

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