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Almost a week off, will I remember how to do it?


My last run was last Sunday. A super busy week filled with work, worry and dark mornings has not been conducive to my running schedule!!! However, this morning, I gave myself a serious talking to, got on my trainers and off I went.

Ran the longest distance I've managed (4.2km) in 37 mins! That's more than 4km and on the way to 5km!!! I feel fab, less stressed and have given myself a kick up the bum! Running makes things better, puts things in perspective and my excuses are now filed in the bin ☺️

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Sometimes it's just pushing ourselves out the door. It always feels great afterwards. 😊🏃🏼

You are so right Lavender1962 ☺️


Filing issues under B (for bin) great! Well done youxx... This running.. fantastic cure all, ( for most things) :)

Oldfloss - even if it doesn't cure, running definitely puts things in perspective. I also find it gives me the headspace to escape for a while. Loved it and love this forum xxxx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jingle_berry

It does.. it truly does... It has kept me on an even keel more than once :)


Haha - the legs don't forget!

Well done for getting out there.

Ullyrunner - I think my legs were in shock and just went with me!!😂😂😂


Running makes things better. There you have it. Simples :) Won't be long now before that 5k is within your grasp!

Jingle_berry in reply to McFitty

McFitty - I am aiming for a 5k run by the end of October 😳. Once I've done it under my own steam - I plan on going public in the park for a park run! After that, I'll be finding a 5k to run to raise money for cancer research- unfortunately over the last 3 weeks 2 family members have been diagnosed. 😠

McFittyGraduate in reply to Jingle_berry

So sorry about your news Jingle_berry, that's a heavy emotional load to bear. Hopefully your runs will be both cathartic and energising. A park run is a great idea and following that with a charity run will give you the happy knowledge that you're doing a great thing both for yourself and others. Go for it :)


Running makes things better. I love that (and I'm stealing it as my motto, to replace "sh*t happens"). :)

Lol Shivani05 - 💩happens but running makes it better! Let's combine our phrases 😂😂😂

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Jingle_berry

Love it!

I think the first run after a short break is always great - I think our bodies like a little time off every now and then, especially when we're new to running.

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