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W3R3 - 1/3 of the way there

Today I had do my run before lunch and was wondering if the change of time and routine might make it a bit harder. However, it was better than I imagined it would be. First 3 min was quite strenuous and my legs were feeling tired and heavy before I set out. But I got to the end. The second 3min run seemed to go in quite quickly.

As I am still a short distance from home by the time the podcast ends I thought I would try an extra jog after the cool down walk. Reckoning that I could probably manage another 90 sec run. Only managed 60 sec jog. I think part of the problem was thinking about the time. With the podcast you don't have to think about time keeping just concentrate on keeping on going until Laura tells you that you have done well and it is time to stop.

So that's it W3 done. The next question is: Am I really ready to go to W4 on Monday? Or, should I give W3R3 another go? Should you only move on when you feel comfortable with the current stage or just bite the bullet and plough on?

Haven't decided what I will do yet.

This is getting long and you're probably bored,but one last thing. Am I the only "mad" person who speaks back to Laura!!!!?

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Well done for not giving in to the lead legs, and managing the whole thing - and a bit more! If you've managed to complete all three runs in the week, then you should be ready to move on. And I'd certainly say if you've had enough energy left over to do an extra bit you're definitely ready to go on to the next week! ;) (I reckon if I waited til I felt comfortable before moving on, I'd still be on week one, but that might just be me... ;) )

Happy running! :)


Definitely agree with RainbowC, move on to week 4, you'll be grand, believe! :-)


Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings and thanks for the encouragement.


Definitely move on, the programme is designed in a way that each week builds on the work you have done the previous week. I would only ever suggest redoing a week if you've had an injury or missed many days through illness. Otherwise, onwards and upwards. You will feel great for pressing on, too, that graduate badge already getting a little closer.......... ;-)

Regarding the times of day, I was pretty hung up on only running first thing, after a certain amount of water, banana, etc and I got my knickers in a real twist if I changed the routine. Apart from not running on a full stomach, I've since realised* that I can actually run any time of day, but I tend to have more energy and enthusiasm in the morning - that's just me. What I'm saying is, I've since learned that mixing it up a little works just fine. You will only know what works for you by experimenting.

Good luck with week 4, I look forward to reading about it


* I stuck to 'my routine' until I'd finished C25K and now I dont' worry if I have a 'bad' run, because actually I don't think there is any such thing.


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