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Hi all, I am a newbie to running, have been following the c25k for 6 weeks now and am going to be doing wk5 r3 on Saturday. A bit apprehensive as I have never been able to run for that length of time but so far have followed the program with just a setback early on due to a sore Achille, hence although 6 weeks in only on wk 5 running. Will let you know how it went.


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  • Pretty much everyone is apprehensive about W5R3.

    Just take it easy and you will be surprised by just how far you have come over the last few weeks.

  • Go for it Mat!!! If you've got this far you can do this, promise, you really can!!! If I can anyone can!!

  • Hi Mat, welcome to the forum! This is a lovely, friendly place where someone always has advice, encouragement or just a kind word when it's needed!

    Well done on your C25k journey so far and, come Saturday, I'm sure you'll find that you manage the run and feel amazing afterwards. It's a great one to complete. There are so many of us on here who can't believe what we have achieved since starting the programme and virtually everyone feels a bit apprehensive about W5R3. Soon you'll be staring graduation in the face and planning what to do next!

    Good luck and post often, we all love to hear how everybody is doing!

  • You'll be fine, take a chill pill. If you have followed the plan as you say, don't even think about it, just do it. I was the same, its week 6 you need to give thought too lol.

  • Hi Mat. Well done in getting this far and as you have been doing, just follow the programme and you'll be fine. The programme is designed to get you through each week so you are ready for it. Run very slowly and, as this run is as much of a mental challenge as a physical one, tell your head to chill. You can do this!

  • Hi Mat, Welcome to the board.

    We all felt the same about this one, I promise you xxx

    You have done the previous runs, and they have laid the foundations for this one. It is do-able . If it helps, break the 20 minutes into 5 minute chunks in your head .

    You can do this, believe in the programme and in yourself xxx

    Read the Week 5 pinned posts too .

    You are going to feel sooo amazing when you do this. Then you can come on here and tell us all about it !

    Good Luck ! Deep breaths, dont panic and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Don't worry about it, you'll see that it'll go just fine. There's some kind of weird (warped?) wizardry in this programme, and it all seems so much easier when you run it than you thought on reading it before each run. Enjoy!

  • Welcome to our running family. You will be amazed when you complete this run. As said before the groundwork has been done. You CAN do it. Trust in Laura and take it slowly slowly. Keep us posted. Good luck.

  • Everyone feels the same about this. I did it last Saturday, and completed it. Just keep calm and all at your own pace. You will feel so accomplished when the 20 minutes are over. One note though, do not think week 6 is going to be easy after W5D3, because I can tell you, just done W6D2 and this is the hardest run for me so far. Dont ask me why and how, I am starting to prefer continuous runs :)

    You will get there (if I can do it, anyone else can as well!)

  • same here, I did it today and it was a real challenge!

  • Slow and steady then prepare for a big grin when you finish :)

  • Thanks for all the positive comments I will let you know how it goes.

  • Hi Mat30, you're certainly ready for the run. Keep up that slow and steady pace early on during the run and treat yourself to something nice after the run :). And you are mighty good for just falling one week behind the intended 9-week program. I started in January and I am still relishing the program for good, repeating a couple of weeks, not running for a period of time due to an accident. I'd say it is about time that I graduate, which I am hoping will be Thursday next week :D.

    Will be eager to see your post Week 5 posts :). Have fun!

  • Hi all, that went better than expected, although the snail that shot past me had a message on its shell of 'eat my dust' that was a bit hard to take. Still I jogged the whole 20 minutes and actually felt that there was still a little left in the tank! Thanks for all the encouragement, regular updates will appear here! Have a good day.

  • Congratulations Mat - thats the biggie over with now. Dont worry about the snail - it was probably a battery powered super speedy snail! Onwards and upwards.

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