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Unintentional 10k

Set off this morning intending to do my usual 5k run. Due to hip problems I haven't been running as regularly lately but trying to keep fitness up with walking and going to the gym. Maybe overdid things yesterday with a walk to the gym and back, workout, then a 7.5k walk in the afternoon. As soon as I started my hip felt wrong, legs felt like lead and I just couldn't get going. Walked a bit then tried again but had the same problem. At that stage I decided just to have a longer walk and do a loop which I knew was 10k. After a bit of more walking I decided to try a run again and just seemed to get into my stride. I carried on for a bit then alternated walking and running for the rest of the way, finishing the 10k in 1 hour 23 minutes. I know this is very slow for a 10k but considering I walked quite a bit I was quite pleased with that. Might try that route every week or so and gradually walk less and run more.

Another 10k for my 5x50 challenge!

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Thats not slow for 10K, very respectable time. Well done you, listen to your body and walk if the sore hip shouts again, it could be that you need to do some hip flexer exercises/stretches. Take care and good luck with the next load of 5 x 50's.


Well done !



This could never happen to me. I have to plan 100 m over the 5k or my data would be thrown.

But seriously, excellent way of doing it. I will get a 8.2 out of tonight's excursion to the kebab shop and back. Maybe one day I will run here (blogging from here) from my hotel and back.

For now I add 8.2k as running and marvel at you 10k ers!


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