W2 R3

I'm a bit late posting. I ran late last night, in the dark. The safest place that I could find was a large lawn, but running on grass seemed very hard, so I walked on the grass for the walking bit and ran on gravel for the run. Half an hour seemed very long, although each run was manageable. During the run before last I had a sharp pain in my hip but this disappeared for the last run. I was really stiff with a painful hip afterwards, but this morning I feel fine. I'm concerned about week 3, but then I didn't think I'd manage week 2 either, so just got to try.


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  • Hi Nali

    And well done for completing the run last night.

    Regarding rnning on grass, when it isnt too wet or too hard, it is my preferred running surface as it is slightly softer and less harsh on the aging joints.

    If you are finding week 2 daunting, then I would suggest that you stick with it (week 2 run 2 or 3) for a couple of weeks; to allow your body to become conditioned to exercising before you progress onto week 3.

    Regarding your hips, it may be a lack of either core strength and/or flexibility. Are you finding time to stretch down after your exercises? For each run, Ispend about ten minutes stretching my various muscle groups in my legs and arms.

    Also, I ahve posted recently else where a couple of links to youtube videos regarding strength training for runners and stretching exercises.

    I hope this helps :)


  • Thanks. I'm sure I need to do more stretches. I have no core strength and am sure that this has been a shock to the system. I'll do as you advise.

  • Well done! Although grass is softer than running on hard surfaces so a tad easier on the joints, it's also a slower running surface, I like to vary the surfaces I run if possible, makes a nice change.

    It's up to you, there's no hard & fast rules with c25k, but the programme is designed by experts for non runners to build gradually, and to be able to run constantly for 30 mins at week9, so with the rest days taken as per the programme,and no real physical problems, then there's no need to stick to a particular run week longer than it would take to do it in the programme... niggles come and go while doing c25k, I've had some, including hips, but it fades, so can keep going, do some stretches and take it slow & steady..😊

  • See what did we tell you It's all mind over matter ! Well done

  • Looks like we are both starting to get aches and pains now we are truly into the programme and we're testing our bodies limits...and stretching those limits! But hey, we've made it to week 3! :)

  • Yesterday I could only hobble. I had to walk some quite long distances and it felt like wading through treacle. Today I haven't felt a thing. I'm sure its to do with strengthening muscles. Its been a shock to the system. Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Hi Nali

    i hope you are able to find some suitable exercises to both strengthen your muscles (legs and core) as well as stretching exercises.

    There are also podcasts from Laura I have discovered yesterday afternoon...

  • That sounds good. What were the podcasts by Laura called?

  • Try this link :)


    I haven't tried them (yet) as I am okay with stretching exercises (I think)

  • thanks. I'll take a look

  • I felt the same but i completed day 1 of week 3 easier than day 3 of week 2! Its mad.

  • well done for running in the dark, I haven't tried that yet but I will need to soon

  • Hi, I'm just about to start week 3 too and slightly dubious but like you I got through week 1 and 2 and didn't think I would. Good luck for week 3!

  • Good luck to you too. I'm just trying to find a better route at present. What sort of route do you take?

  • thank you! I run along a cycle path which is hidden from the road and has a lovely view of the fields and coast. It's all paved but really quiet and I sometimes see a runner or cyclist but it's quite rare. It'a a few minutes drive from my house but it's quiet and that's the main thing. I'd like to run on the grass but not sure where I'd run for that. Look forward to following your progress!

  • Good attitude. Keep going, it's amazing how the programme moves you on even when you think you can't do it :-)

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