W7 completed!

Haven't blogged much this week after a fluffy start and not quite complete run 1 last week. However, can now happily report that I'm moving on to week 8 next. Did 7.1b, 7.2 and 7.3 with my own music and clocked up 25, 29 and 31 minutes running ... so am feeling confident about moving on now. Honestly didn't feel any different adding little itty bitty minutes on the end - just went with the tunes to their natural conclusion! Today wasn't particularly pretty (a bit ploddy and very red-faced - well the sun was out!) and I don't think I'm anywhere close to 5k yet, but I'm going to proceed on the timings and hope this will be ok? (must get some accurate way of measuring my distances)

Happy running folks, Linda x


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  • Hi Linda - well done! You are just ahead of me (I have done W7R1)

    I am using Strava on my iphone which is great, tells me exactly how far I have run. Like you, nowhere near 5k yet but that's not the point!

  • Great, keep going, you'll catch me up in no time ;). I have an oldish Blackberry which barely makes phone calls LOL ... Might have to resort to a good, old-fashioned map! :D X

  • Linda you are a star I have just competed it as well although not with the extra minutes. Congratulations well done I knew you would do it. I am running on a treadmill so know exactly how far I am running and am no where near the 5k mark but have decided to just keep going. We are all different in age level of fitness leg stride etc. See you at the graduation.

  • Thanks Masiemugwump - I did reply to you but it seemed to make a box all of its owns ... the following congrats we're for you ;)

  • Oh yay, twinkle twinkle here I come! LOL Thanks so much, too kind ;) Still feel a bit like Dumbo on speed (aren't the pounds supposed to start falling off any minute?) Congratulations to you too ... Yes, party time soon...getting soooo excited. Depending on work patterns, might be there in about a fortnight. Have some brill runs - as you say, who cares how far we go ... It's the going that counts! :D X

  • Welcome to week 8!!! :-) See, adding those extra minutes on are easy peasy!!! ;-) Looks like some certain soon-to-be Graduate may just need to gift herself with a Garmin... ;-) Getting the balloons, hats and horns ready for the party! :-) Gayle

  • "little itty bitty minutes on the end" is the right way to view them. :-) Good luck with week 8.

  • well done - not long to go now! A few little itty bitty more minutes :)

  • Awww thanks folks ... Excuse my terminology ... Just occurred to me - itty bitty minutes probably sounds a bit mean or smug to some who are still trying to conquer the early runs :( Absolutely no intension to offend or demean efforts of others. Sorry, got carried away by my tunes :) :) xx

  • Well done Linda, I am just a run behind you now but have also been running a bit more - I like to hit the 4k mark before stopping (that includes my warm up). Usually with a cool down I am covering 4.8km in 40 mins ish. Good luck with the next week.

  • Well done! I haven't been including my walks before and afterwards - I sort of assumed the measuring was about the run? Aww well, maybe I'm not as far behind as I imagined ;) No matter, I'll get there before too long - even if it means running up and down my road LOL! All the best for your last couple of weeks: my hat is off to you for getting to the 5k mark so soon. My problem remains in not working out beforehand where the 5k mark is reached :( I don't have the technology to do it for me. As advised above, I'd better start saving for a Garmin :D All the best x

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