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First run after accident - short but sweet

I have totally lost track of when I last ran, what with labyrinthitis earlier in the year and then just starting to get back in my running shoes and someone drove into the back of me. So, finally, after two visits to the osteopath and a couple of weeks on diazepan, I was given the all clear to go and do some Fartleks (snort!), just 15 minutes worth though. Got to start easy and slow. I was very good too, because I didn't sneak out in less days that I was told to rest, in fact, I rested for a couple extra, just to be sure that I was ok and didn't push myself back into having more time off.

It felt fantastic. Amazingly, when I did open up and push it a bit, my running style was totally different from before I started my run (excuse the pun) of bad health luck. I know this, because I bodyscan while I run, sometimes using it as meditation, really being aware of where bits of my body are at any given time and how I am moving. So, in the past, I've 'pulled' my legs forward when I run faster. I was always aware that I wasn't really pushing from the glutes. So the other day when I went out, I was really delighted to find that my sprint was really strong and really powered from the glutes. It felt great. Better than great. I wanted to run for ages, but I really did only sprint for a few short times and then ran easy around that. My Garmin was screaming that my heart rate was too high, so I've clearly lost some fitness in the 4 (ish) weeks since I last ran (pre-accident), but my Heart rate recovery really wasn't bad, it wasn't much different than before,. So I reckon a couple of weeks will have me back doing the comfortable, easy, long runs that I enjoy so much.

That is assuming my latest injury doesn't stop me from going out - today was penultimate yoga teacher training day, no breakfast again this week, as we were planning to do headstands (not me, given the recent whiplash, but I had to show solidarity by starving myself too). I'm not sure if the reduced diet, the yogo postures that squeeze the intestines or the really nasty tie yourself in knots swastika pose has caused me a mischief, but I am in bloody agony tonight. I'm praying it is a torn muscle of some sort, as I don't really fancy a trip to A&E. So, I'm in bed, going to sleep shortly, hoping that a good night of rest will sort it out, otherwise, no running for me tomorrow, boo hoo. Ever get that feeling of deja vu...........?

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Glad you body scan when you run, I do this too as a way of getting rid of my bad habbits and to straighten myself up. T

Your doing so well despite all the injury and ailments, but take is nice and slow and no rushing. Also watch that neck of yours, if that goes then its all back to the drawing board again.

good luck with it all, keep posting your progress too.


thanks, I will take it easy for sure :-)


Brilliant to see you back out there! But I hope all the aches and pains subsided overnight and you feel better this morning. Take it easy :)


thanks, it was much better this morning, although kept me awake sometimes in the night. I had a late breakfast and it came back with a vengeance, but after I'd moved around for a bit it disappeared. Went out to teach some yoga (not demonstrating much, just talking mostly) and had a banana, kept fingers crossed and it seems to have gone. I have no idea what it was. I really thought I was going to A&E last night, it was so bad. Can't have been a torn muscle, to have just come and gone like that. Most bizarre.

Am planning a very small run in the morning :-) I can't help myself :-p


Hope you're feeling better vixie?


Hello! yes, much better this evening thanks :-D


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