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Week 2 Done - YEEEESSS

Well here I am again. Just back in from R3. So how was W2? Not as bad as I was expecting. OK it wasn't eezypeezy.

However, the. gradual progression does work.

Right ok analysis.

As per W1 R2 was the hardest. 2day wasn't that gr8. But went to gym yesterday. We worked legs, lunges, squats etc. Sore muscles today but was determined to stick to my routine. Shan't begoing to gym day before a run again!!

strugling with Laura's tips on podcast. She says"land on your heel". Advice on NHS web says on the middle of your foot. Who do I take notice of?

As for the " breathing". We all know blokes can't do 2 things at once! So thought it better to breathe rather than count:).Monday W3R1. In the meantime will enjoy rest day tomorrow. Looking forward to rest for body and soul.My Pastor is a great preacher

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I'm not expert but I believe we are to ignore the land on your heel advice. Middle of the foot is better and the podcasts need to be updated. I'm not sure I could even tell you which bit of my foot I land on. I'm too busy worrying about breathing!


I never managed to get the breathing or feet right, and could never do the counting, but it does seem to settle in naturally ... blowing up balloons was recommended by another runner, worth trying :)

Keep running :)


I'm also no expert but backing up the 'ignore landing on your heel' bit. And to be very honest, I gave up on sorting out breathing after a while as well. I just got confused and had to remember to breathe and decided that wasn't good :P It comes naturally after a bit!


I had the exact same problems, so did my husband, so we've decided to ignore those bits!


I too tried to do what Laura suggested but found the running on my heals uncomfortable so went back to how I prefer to run after about 30 seconds.. and then with the breathing I found that made me out of breath.. I found trying to concentrate on my breathing was harder than the natural breathing I had established before as the 4 steps on left foot was too long.. I seem to have a default of 4 steps total in (left and right steps) and 4 steps total out...

I am just going to concentrate on getting fitter and running easier before I tweek the technique!


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