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Out of body experience? Week 7 Run 1

I went out last night to celebrate a friend's birthday and consequently didn't get much sleep. Think I could have quite happily stopped in this morning especially when I couldn't find my kit. :(

But the sun was shining and I thought I'd better make the most of it. It's not so comfortable running when it's a bit warmer - have decided I prefer the colder weather (not the snow though!). I went out on my own today (the other half went off on his bike) so knew I really needed to keep myself motivated. Although I'm not sure hearing that I'd completed the 1st 5 minutes helped me that much because it makes me think still 20 to go! :)

Kept going though and soon got to the halfway mark. When I got to approx 15 minutes I passed a couple of cyclists - it was then that it felt like my legs didn't belong to me - almost an out of body of experience! Very strange and didn't last long - could do with this happening again, it felt so calm & easy!!

I finished on an unexpected high today. I sped up at the end as Laura suggests (it was down a slight slope so that helped). When I looked at my time and distance I've improved both - wasn't aiming to and certainly didn't expect to! Woohoo! :D

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Well done sounds like you really enjoyed too- bet you are glad you went now! Great to hear x


Thanks - I nearly enjoyed it!! It was a smoother run -less gaffing with bits and pieces. Tried some new earphones today and they stayed put the whole time so I could concentrate on the running. :)


Well done!!! Oh you did make me laugh..."nearly enjoyed it"...just how I felt yesterday but the phrase I really enjoyed it hasn't hit yet. Glad you had such a good run as it will help keep you motivated. Keep it up and happy running!!


Thanks Karen. Perhaps one day we can say I really enjoyed that run lol! Here's to more running x


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