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Hungover + Running = hungry niki


I had my sister visiting and last night the wine truck crashed into our living room and rendered us all plastered.

This morning it wasn't a pretty sight, but the dog needed to go out and I'd had two rest days so it had to be done, w7r2!

Mini breakfast, orange juice and water and Baxter (the dog) and I hit the pavement. I did it, it was long, I ached, I'm sure I looked dreadful and I nearly threw up on occasion but I did it.

My top tip, don't run after drinking fresh orange juice!

Now I'm off out for a big lunch, happy weekend everyone!

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You still did it though!!! Hope that lunch helps you recover from hangover and run :) well done x

well done - I'm regularly running, or avoiding running after a few glasses of wine and it's always hard - but then I don't want to not socialise because I have to run in the morning. Pushing through is the best way! x

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