But Calvin is no kind and loving god! He's one of the old gods! He demands sacrifice!

But Calvin is no kind and loving god! He's one of the old gods! He demands sacrifice!

(Sunday) Well, as suggested/instructed by Second Lieutenant I_will (classics div) I put on my crazy orange Lego legs and went out for some exercise yesterday. S&F was chosen as it's a bit less strenuous than complete run. It was most enjoyable for me; others may not have thought so. Possibly the dog owner with the sticky thing wasn't impressed. The ball came flying my way - as did the dog and I ended up on the floor. How embarrassing. Have sent you a picture of me exercising - certainly not showing you one of me on the floor. I shall go out with a bag on my head next time.

Until tomorrow - follow the pinto!


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37 Replies

  • Good evening Doz! Crazy orange legs and 99 hair! Just need a flake in that! Sorry to hear that you ended up on the floor. I will track down the owner of the sticky thing and the four-legged hairy thing and tell them that they could have jeopardised our national security with that negligence. Have a brilliant weekend :)

  • I'd very much like it if you took out the dog owner, or at least forced her to join in with the triathlon

  • I have only just found out about this triathlon, due to being away on a top secret mission. Count me in, and my donation goes to The Fox Project. The dog owner will be 'dealt with' and duly discombobulated by the time I have finished with her.

  • Another competitor! Marvellous! Can you rope in a friend to join us?

  • Quel coup d'oeil!

  • Ou I!

  • Oui! Auto spell got me again.

  • Second Lieutenant KittyKat007, thank you, the plaster will be impressive if I can fit it on under the black bag.

  • Cheeky, completely natural tan. The pups will be a great help. I'm taking the pinto out as well as bugle and ocarina orchestra if that's OK.

  • I believe I will cope. Send Rocksta and Doug, King of Pugs out if they want to come.

  • Aye. As long as I don't mix them up with my Kendal Mint cake - they might not like that.

  • Only considering the health of the pups.

  • Footie is on. Am supporting any club willing/able to score in ninety minutes.

  • Excuse me, this is quality conversation.

  • You're doing it again, insulting me.

  • Of course, it was.

  • The tension mounts.

  • Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles!

  • Wahrscheinlich nein.

  • Night pop and pups and fish and bird

  • That's what I just said. Anyway, pnpn

  • Yep. It saves me being traumatised either way I hate penalties.

  • Morning Dozz, good to see your encounter with the enemy dog and owner wasn't enough to wipe that big broad smile off your face, or indeed mess up your very becoming bouffant. Saboteur dog was like the proverbial 3 foot judge - one of these little things that are sent to try us! ;)

    Have a great day m'dear, happy running :)

  • Oh, there's no breaking my happy joy for life!

  • Glad to see you out and about Doz, looking good with the new hair colour too. Hopefully landing on the ground only wounded your pride, which is bad enough but passes. The bag on the head may not be such a good idea if you want to avoid further trips, bags and falls - even with eye holes cut out it might prove to be a hinderance to your sporting performance.

    Is S & F strength and flex? Or something else?

  • Touching to hear of concern from all. Thank you.

  • Woh, I had to don my shades there doz such is the brightness of your amber glow

    Pushed face down in the dirt! Makes a change from being head first into a walnut gateaux!! Beware the slings and arrows of outrageous wotsit. Such slips,trips and falls are sent to try us but are just par for the course for us brave, gung ho warrior types

    Chin up doz!

  • There have possibly been insinuations that I have a close relative called Dale. They are totally unfounded, my colour is totally natural, as is my quiff.

  • Ah, I thought Dale was the one on the antiques programme. Does that make it any more a compliment?

  • Oh Delilah!

  • Oh please, NO!

  • Ooooh Miss Wobble is going to see Tom Jones, or is it David Dickinson ? Cant remember now :-) xxx

  • Yes, and I'm not that colour.

  • Aah!

  • If you say so! :)

  • You doubting Thomas.

  • Am good, am good.

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