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30 minutes of daily exercise. What... every day?

Why do 5K or 30 mins of exercise a day?

From reading several posts on this site, I see that some people seem to be struggling to achieve their 30 mins of exercise for the 5x50 Challenge they signed up to do. I'm sorry to see this, as the challenge is not meant to be a struggle and the activities seen as a chore. In fact, the challenge is not meant to be limited to the 50 days, but the aim is to get us accustomed to fitting 30 minutes of exercise into our daily routine (barring illness, etc).

Why this is a good idea is explained by Dr Mike Evans in his video "23 1/2 hours"

(I know this video has been shared here before, but thought this might be a good time to remind ourselves of the reasons we choose to commit to do the 5x50 challenge.)

From the 5x50 website

"What is 5x50?

5x50 is a not for profit event that challenges individuals and groups to run, walk or cycle 5 kilometres a day for 50 days with the aim of changing exercise habits for a lifetime. As the main aim is to be physically active every day for 50 days, you can count 5km OR 30 minutes of an alternative activity towards your challenge target. The emphasis is as mentioned 'changing habits for a lifetime' so think about trying something new."

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Good timely reminder for us all! Thanks swan :)


Thanks swan. I think the sticking point for me is the 5k bit. I guess I just put pressure on myself by insisting that my runs and walks must make up the bulk of the exercise and that they must be 5k. It takes the best part of an hour to walk 5k and running 5k 3 times a week is exhausting me as a newbie graduate. 30 minutes of something is much more do-able and from now on that is all I'm aiming for :)


This is a great post and very makes you remember why we all signed up in the first place. After having had a bad day yesterday I am ready to re-evalute my mindset. I love the fact that I'm exercising for 30 minutes a day and I feel great because of it :) This has really boosted me ;) Keep reminding us from time to time that this is a life change not a 50 day challenge :-D


Thanks for the video. Very motivational.


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