30 minute exercise ideas for in between runs?

Hi all- I thought I'd ask about what people do during the non-run days. As I have 12 more pounds to lose to get to where I want to be, I'm doing the 30 Day Shred dvd a couple of times a week with the occasional swim too. Anyone else got any ideas for good exercise alternatives? 


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  • Walking, it's what I do, even if it's just 20 minutes.

  • I swim 1-2 times a week, and cycle 5-10 miles 1-2 times a week, usually 2 swims 1 cycle or 2 cycles 1 swim, I also walk everyday (dogs no choice!). I have also got an exercise bike in the house to use if I can't get out and find doing some short really fast bursts on that helps with improving my fitness more than anything else.

  • Walking,even if it's only to work or school or whatever's normal for you to walk to.cycling is great especially uphill even for short bursts when you give it your all! I have horses too so there's the riding and the mucking out etc too. 

    How do u rate the 30 day shred? I'll soon be buying Jillians box set of 3 DVDs,one of them is the 30 day shred one,to fit inbetween my runs. I look forward to getting them!

  • Really like the 30 day shred as it is a short workout (under half an hour) but intense so you do get results. Lots of focus on strength training and three levels to work up through. I have the Yoga Meltdown one too but not really a fan of that. 

  • I've got the meltdown and I quite like it,personal preference I suppose. I like short workouts as it fits into my busy life,can't wait to get it now!

  • Me too- 30 minutes is as much time as I can find! 

  • I do 30 minutes on my wii fit..comprising of step up and yoga.. walk to and from work.. only ten to fifteen mins each way )p.. I try and use some light weights..they are my sons wee dumbbells.. 2.3kg.. 3 times a day.. but mostly..try my best to be aware of my posture. And stretch about through the day..  if I'm at the sink..n the kitchen..as per..I add a few moves..

    I have a fitbit butdon't often make the 10,000 steps a day.. 

    I try to eat as heathy as I can.. 

    It's been working for me.. :)

    Ive lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months..

    Been dedicated.. striving forward.. 

    But most of all cases

    Can't wait to get back out off this IC!!

    Keep at it Celtproff..that's my best advice.. 


  • Hula hoop, it works, build up slowly, use a weighted hoop, I currently hoop for 30 mins alternating sides every 5 mins, at least twice a week, it has whittled and toned my waist.  WARNING, you will get bruises around your midriff, but they will go.

    I run twice a week and use an exercise bike for 25 mins twice a week.  I do squats every day - usually while brushing my teeth.  With eating healthily I have gradually lost weight, to be honest I don't know how much, but I've gone down 2 jeans sizes in a year and am much more toned.


  • Woo Hoo Go Madge50 !

    Rock a Hula Baby ! :-) xxx

  • Ha ha! Thanks pops, occasionally I hoop in the garden, my daughter thinks nothing of it as she knows circus skills and is a fire eater (yes it's true!) but I think the kids next door think I'm a bit weird 😄


  • Walk and cycle and swim... not in the same place or at the same time...:)

  • There's a challenge for you- all three at once 😀

  • I swim or do this band workout:

    It's a lot shorter than 30 minutes but gets your heart racing and muscles working.

  • Thanks Shivani- good link. 

  • I like doing beginners pilates, weight lifting, stretching and walking :-) anything that is mild to moderate for me right now as I'm just easing off the Injury Couch 

  • Thanks- and good luck with your recovery. 

  • Take a look at jessica smith TV on YouTube There are lots of different workouts which are low impact plus strength and core exercises 

  • Thanks! Will take a look. 

  • Wow, you lot make me sound lazy!  I alternate my runs with between 30-90 mins of swimming depending on the program I'm doing that day (http://swimfit.com). At the weekend I do a part of my gym program whilst my husband does his running and then a proper lazy rest day on the Sunday :)

  • Swimming is fantastic- every time I get in the pool, I remember how good it is for stretching everything back out again!

  • I enjoy cycling as it works the heart and lungs and allows me to explore the countryside as well as exercise. M step aerobics is great too, I use Jenny Forde's You Tube clips - makes me sweat and fits perfectly into 30 minute workout time

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Good question ! 

    I walk 5k to work everyday weekday. I have an exercise bike as I am too much of a wuss to go on a "proper" one :-) ha ha 

    I have a Barbara Currie Yoga DVD and Jillian Michaels DVD's that I SHOULD do more of and make time for and I do some weights for my arms and upper body. :-) xxx

  • Love Barbara Currie! Proper, old school yoga 😄

  • Shes great isnt she ? She looks AMAAAAAZING ! :-) xxx

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