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Now the suns come out, I'm not sure I want it! (plus a stupid mistake)

Today was week 7 run 2, the sun was shining for the first time in ages so I was optimistic and excited to not have to run in a blizzard!

On the whole the run was fine but it was so hot! I definitely was wishing that the sun would go back in! I prefer running with a cool breeze and not direct sunlight so hopefully it wont be as sunny next time :) Although coming up to summer I'm not sure that's gonna happen!

Being the idiot that I am I forgot to start my endomondo which is soooo annoying. I felt like I ran a lot faster today and I haven't been able to check properly :( I've managed to trace the route I ran on it so I've been given a distance (4.11 km in 25 mins) but not sure if that's exactly right! I know it shouldn't but this has kind of overshadowed the fact that it was quite a good run and probably my fastest so far... oh well I will remember next time!

Happy running!

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I feel a bit the same about the sun being out. It is so hot compared to the last 8 weeks. I am going to have to buy new clothes as I'm still running in my winter gear, so I think that will make a difference :) I hate running in the morning, but I think in the summer I will have to try this as in the evening I think it will be too hot.

You can certainly run fast....I'm a slow and steady runner...Lol. It's not beautiful or fast but I get there in the end :-D


Well done what a run!! ...I am a sun worshipper but as yet haven't run in anything except wind, rain, snow and sleet and am grateful for that. The last few occasions I have been out it has been warmer and I overheated which I think affects the run so last time went out in my new kit, was cold when I first got out but then felt so much better during the run as didn't get too hot.

I am with you that I am not sure how I am going to run when summer eventually hits!

Keep up the good work and happy running.


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