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I'm back at last!! :-)

I've been champing at the bit to get back out there, but I was under the weather for most of last week, and then otherwise engaged the last couple of evenings.

Today I was feeling a bit bleurgh, but when I got home tonight I found the Slideman had gone out today to finish his week 2 despite feeling awful. So, inspired by this epic effort, I bit the bullet and headed out to complete my Week 2 (B210K).

Only too aware that it had been 10 whole days since my last proper run, I set off determined to take it slow and easy and just maximise my chances of getting to the end of it. And I did!! :-) I even added a minute or two at the end, to finish on a nice round 6.5K in 48:30. I'm happy with that!!

As I was walking home on my cool down walk, I got overtaken by a succession of people obviously in some kind of running club. Most of them thought I was one of them, and several shouted encouragement as they passed, or asked if I was OK as I was walking. They laughed when I said (not too smugly, I hope) that I'd finished my run, and I hope theirs went well. But I love the fact that so many strangers were concerned enough to check I was OK. Runners are a nice bunch!!

Week 3 starts on Saturday. Bring it on!! :-D

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Great effort, Stefliser. I'd be over the moon with such a result. :D

Lovely anecdote about the running club.


Wow - 6.5k in 48.30 - I can only dream! A fantastic effort, especially as you weren't feeling great. All the best for week 3.

And how nice about the running club! It makes up for some of the miserable pedestrians or drivers you come across :)


Glad to be your inspiration.

Well done - a great effort!



Glad you're feeling better and the run went well! Fantastic time/'re rocking this 10K business! :-) Gayle


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