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Week8 run2 been and gone. :-D

I'm getting excited now, I can definitely see the finish line :-D It was a tough run today and I kept getting twinges in my back but they went away eventually. I've had a bit of a sore back for a few days. Anyway I managed to put a little bit of a spurt on for the last minute and in hindsight I probably shouldn't have, because when I slowed down my back seized up. :-( I was so glad I was nearly home. I thoroughly enjoyed my run today even though it was hard and now I can hardly move. So no more running now until Saturday and I hope my back is better by then. :-)

I can't believe I am almost at the end of this programme. Who knew it could actually work. :-)

Oh I think I need painkillers, I want to cough but I'm scared too. LOL

Happy jogging folks enjoy the weather next week it suppose to get nice. :-) Then we can moan we are too hot. Hahaha

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Your enthusiasm and excitement jumps from the page! ;-)

Pity about the back... all I can say is rest, rest, rest and perhaps a few gentle stretches. Keep warm. :-)


Thanks Con-brio. :-) I have had a nice hot shower and let the water hit right where it hurts, and taken a couple of Ibuprofen so will rest up and hopefully OK for the last run of week 8. :-)


well done!we going to graduate at same time! ;-) you run outdoor? went for a trial yesterday around the lake and went way to fast,its not like the treadmill at all ! need to think while running,and take it easy at first! will finish my runs indoors but cant wait to get out! any tips for transition welcome! ;-)


Wow,it's amazing that you have done it on the treadmill alone....hats off to you girl :) I agree with the advice that caz1 gave you. Find an intersting route and take it really steady. You might feel that you will slow down a bit, but you will soon get it back up once you're used to the great :) Good luck with the res tof the programme...we will also graduate together :-D


Thanks :-) Yes I run outdoors, I don't think I would have made it this far on a treadmill, so hats off to you. :-) However on some of the days that have been really awful weather wise I wish I'd had one (haha). Anyway from what I hear it is quite a different run going from the treadmill to out doors, so the best bit of advise I could give you is find yourself a good route and just take it slowly until you are used to outdoor running.

Graduation I can still hardly believe its within my reach. :-)

Best of luck with your next run. :-)


Congratulations on finishing your run :) I also had a bit of back ache after my run yesterday, but after a hot shower today it's been fine. I am doing W8R2 tomorrow. I find it difficult to believe that I am almost at the end of the programme.....And how far I have come as a person :) It's a very special programme and this page is so inspirational. Good luck with the rest of your week ;)


Thanks. I know what you mean about getting to the end of the programme, I'm kind of sad and excited at the same time. :-)

Good luck on your run.


Congrats Ladies ,me too,I cant believe it !!!! :-) ;-) ;-)


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