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Our 5x50 shirts arrived!!! Broke them in with a 5K run! :-)

Our shirts arrived over the weekend! See pic, not a very stunning photo by far, but I promised to post one after trying on and testing out! :-)

I must say, your postal service was quite speedy compared to what we experience here in the US sometimes.

Thank you to Sue and Ann for going the extra mile for me :-) in trying to figure out sizing. I found out UK sizes run a bit smaller then US sizes so it was a challenge in its-self to determine our sizes. We couldn't have shirts arriving to small to wear! :-(

I typically wear a 10 US and Steve wears a LG US. I went with the Medium and he went with the LG. Mine is fairly roomy and long in the arms, but I prefer bigger compared to too small and snug. Steve's fits just a bit more formed then he is use to, but I think it fits just right! It shows off his big muscles. :-) The actually shirt is a nice quality and feels very comfortable. I'm thinking I may take mine in to our local seamstress and have her cut off most of the sleeves and lower the neckline some. This way I will continue to wear it even when it starts to warm up here.

Greenlegs...I believe you mentioned getting jellybeans with yours? Ray at 5x50 must of known I over-indulged from jellybeans... :-(

As far as the challenge, we are doing great and incorporating at-least a 5K run or walk in every single day! Steve is being quite the good sport with 5x50, since I took the liberty of signing him up! ;-) He worked yesterday on the bikes and they are set to go if we ever have decent weather!

Cheers to all the Challengers! WE ROCK!!!!! :-) Gayle

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I need to mention Ray at 5x50, he was a gem in helping me place an order and getting the shirts posted out to the States! :-)


Sorry I got your hopes up about the jellybeans - but I did get some! :) Glad you like the shirts anyway.


I got jellybeans with mine :-)


Looking good Gayle! Yes they are a bit roomy for us little ones but am sure Steve looks good; he is just being modest! ;) Sorry you didnt get your jellybeans though....thats really not fair treatng our US cousins differently! :( Oh well, maybe it was to save on postage!!

Glad all is going well for you both on the challenge and yes once you get on your bikes you will clock some serious mileage I'm sure!



I've not ordered a 5x50 shirt as I already have a collection of running t-shirts and I dislike 'unisex' (ie men's fit) shirts. (They're too long and what fits the chest is tight on the bum!). I know the running shop Run 4 It send out a packet of jelly beans with each online order. I think you missed out because your shirts came from 5x50 core team member, Ray, and not directly from the shop.


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