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W8R3 it was great and ready for W9....c'mon!!

Well after having a quiet day yesterday on the 5x50 challenge (only 2km walk) I went out for W8R3 this morning and was a bit apprehensive 8) Anyway, I didn't have to went really well. My pace was good and I even went a little faster for the last 5 minutes, and my breathing was also fine ;)

I really needed that rest day! Tomorrow I have an 18km walk( that is not that much as I'm with a walking club and it's about the usual!!). On Monday it's the start of the last week and I'm really looking forward to it :) I never thought I would enjoy exercise so much but I do :)

I'm also in the process of changing my mindset for the 5x50 challenge! Now it's not OMG I've got to do something....I prefer to think OK now it's time for my 30 minutes of exercise.....I don't care how far I go just that I want to do something for 30 minutes everyday.....:) Good luck to the rest of the 5x50'ers and enjoy next week :-D

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What a great attitude :) I love it :)

Good luck with the 18k walk tomorrow, that sounds serious.


That's great rockchick! I think your walk tomorrow will more than make up for yesterday ;)

The Challenge is definitely having a great effect on our way of thinking about exercise; I find I'm thinking the same as you now; great isn't it?!

Sue x


Good luck for graduation week; and for your walk tomorrow - I am enjoying getting out and doing something every day for the 5x50 too; and am dragging grandson/daughter/son, anyone who is around, out for walks and bike rides; no one joining me running though! :-)

Yesterdays effort was dancing at daughters wedding (didn't count all the walking around socialising), today walking preparing for 6 days holiday in Wales from tomorrow- hope will get there before dark and can do a quick run tomorrow!


well done! good luck on week 9!


That's a great attitude for the 5x50 and one I'm sure fits with the ethos of the whole thing. I hope the weather is kind for your walk today, and best of luck for your graduation week. Enjoy :)


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