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And we're off - starters orders for week 8

A new week, a new route, and some new gel insoles for my trainers all added up to a good run............had stitch half way but remembered what laura said and it cleared :-)

The new route gave me something to focus on and set mini goals along the way.......thought the knees were going to give out, so I slowed a little which helped, when i passed my (imaginary) finish line I was and still am pleased with myself for getting this far.....nice day for the run as well.

My Pace has (note, not gas!!! - see spelling error on previous blog) got better as well

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Well done and good idea to change the route. :-)


I'm glad the new route and insoles worked well for you. New routes are always interesting - I find myself so busy being nosy that the time just flies by :D

Well done, and good luck for the next one!


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