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Advice please... Should I or shouldn't I?


Having nearly completed week 2 of the B210K programme, I was really getting into a routine with the runs and looking forward to getting out every other day. Last Monday I had a great W2R2 (extended by a couple of minutes to reach the 6.5K mark), but then a spanner appeared in the works in the shape of a really bad cold which stopped me going out. It got worse all week till finally I gave up and spent the whole of Friday alseep.

I was much better on Saturday and even better again yesterday, so I decided to go and have a go at W2R3. I resolved to take it easy and just see how far I'd get. It fairly soon became obvious that my lungs weren't as much better as I'd thought, as my breathing wasn't as easy as it usually is. The first 10 minutes are always hard, but it usually gets easier after that. And it didn't yesterday. So after 20 or so minutes, when my route took me close to my house, and a horrible stitch was setting in, I did the sensible thing and stopped.

So I'm now really keen to break Laura's Golden Rule #1 and go out again tonight. Do you think that would be stupid, or would I be OK, given that I only did a relaxed 20 minutes yesterday?? My problem is that I have other commitments on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so if I don't go tonight I won't be able to go out again till Thursday, and I really don't want to have to wait that long... (And those commitments would mean I would HAVE to have 2 rest days after tonight's run anyway...)

All thoughts welcome...

Thanks :-) x

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You did the sensible thing and stopped yesterday ...can you do a route of smaller laps that let you go home easily if you aren't as recovered as you think you are?


I agree with Kandoit. I think I would want to try again but not be too disheartened if you don't manage the whole thing. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Thanks guys - maybe I should just do what I did yesterday - go out and have a go, but be ready to stop if I need to. It's really frustrating - my legs and muscles were fine yesterday, but the oxygen just wasn't getting in... :-(


It's no where near as long as the runs your doing now but back in w8 I had to redo a run back to back, first day was just a very bad day (totm) day after was fine :-)

I also think I remember (without looking back) redoing a run twice in one day!! Because my weeks commitments didn't allow me to give up xx

StefliserGraduate in reply to Souki

Thanks, SOuki! That's encouraging :-)

I'll give it a go this evening and see how I get on...


Good luck to you! Just go out with no pressure to keep going and see if your lungs cooperate. Wishing you a fantastic run!!! Gayle

StefliserGraduate in reply to gdeann

Thanks Gayle. I'll see how far I get :-)


Hi Stefliser, I've been doing recovery runs from an injury and did a run yesterday and again this morning. Very unlike me to run two days in a row. But if you listen to your body, take it easy and at the first sign of any problems stop running, go into a walk and head home. I know your problem is completely different to mine but its the listening to your body, being sensible that will lead to success in the long run (sorry no pun intended). If the air is very cold use a Buff or lightweight scarf to cover your mouth and nose until you get used to the cold air, that really does help if you have chest problems. Good luck and remember 2 days rest afterwards to compensate.

StefliserGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks for the advice - the scarf is a good idea! I'll see how I go. But even another 20 minutes would be better than nothing :-)

(I still can't get used to talking about 'only' running a 'really easy' 20 minutes!! :-)

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