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3rd recovery run - nearly but not quite!!


Snowing again up here, when will we get spring!?! Its not lying but had showers on and off while out for my run. Didn't quite do the full 5K but including the walk was 6K Garmin time is running only so although not back up to speed by a long way it is getting better and ankle/leg holding up which is the important thing.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

I'm off to see if I can find a channel with Paris marathon we have 5 of our Parkrun runners doing it that I'm aware of, there could be more cos thats just the girlies. I'm wishing them all the best.

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Snow? And here's me moaning about spring on alernate days! Gloriously warm and sunny yesterday and for my workout this morning but now it's peeing down and miserable. Things certainly ain't what they used to be.

Great run and well done Oldgirl!

xox delia

OldgirlGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Thanks Delia I'm a bit annoyed at myself for stopping when I did, I should have just pushed on to 5K but it would have been all up a steady incline and I'm not wanting to push my luck with my ankle just yet. Have the physio tomorrow lunch time so may go for a short run along the beach beforehand. Will keep it short as its a rest day really but won't manage a run on Tuesday.

Snow is off for now and its not lying, its too warm now (hopefully). :)

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

I've never run the full 5K in 30 minutes -- it takes me AT LEAST 35...

OldgirlGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Parkrun PB was 31:39 last year which was 2 days after my 62nd B/day they gave me an Age Grade of 62.19%. I don't think I'll get back to that for a long time but it won't stop me trying. I'm not sure about the age grade it was just over 62% so looks as if I was just running to my age ability :)

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Sounds brilliant to me!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

62% age grade sounds impressive to me - that's 62% of the world record for your age band, as I understand it. If I get to 40% of mine I'll be really pleased with myself! :)


Nice to hear you are getting back into it.

Just been out for a run here in Edinburgh. No snow fortunately but one minute the sun is shining and you begin to feel too hot then you turn in to the wind and it's freezing!

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