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W7R1 and 2 done AND 6 days of 5x50 challenge....I'm lovin it!!

Well Tuesday was my first run W7 and I really messed it up. Went out far too quickly so that when Laura said that's 12.5 minutes....I nearly stopped from the shock. I was cream crackered. Then realised I'd started too quickly, I was too enthusiastic :) I quickly slowed down so I could finish without having to walk. Mission accomplished, but oh boy was I tired.

On Thursday it was R2 and that went so well. I started off as I usually do.....very slow but steady and it felt great. So much better than on Tuesday. I even managed to up my speed for the last 5 minutes....I was so happy when I finished, and even punched the air :) .....that is not like me!

Today is the 6th day of the 5x50 challenge and I am really enjoying it. I love planning it and putting it in my diary so that I have to do it. It has taken a bit of juggling but so far so good ;) It's great to see how fantastic the team is doing.....we rock :-D

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Well done! :) Yes Team NHS rocks! 8-)



You're doing brilliantly, on c25k and on 5x50 :)


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