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Post grad run!

So tues was my first post grad run..... I eased the pressure off and told myself I would cut my route short and just do 20 mins to get myself back into enjoying it and get back that mojo I lost in week eight!

The sun was shining and the wind had dropped and well I hit 20 mins without realising it and then as I started to get tired I my playlist skipped to ram jam black Betty and I thought hey il just carry on and before I new it I'd done 35 mins (not including warm up/cool down). it was no where near as hard as my week 9's. so I'm thinking it was a combination of weather and music that gave me an unexpected surprise and boost. I really am quite pleased with myself.

Today is my next run! I'm just waiting for the hubby to get home from work to take over babysitting duties and off I go....... With a whole new attitude :-)

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I bet you smash that 35 minutes this evening :D


Glad that taking the pressure off a bit made it so much more enjoyable! There's no rush to go far or fast if you don't want to - enjoying it is very important too. :)


Absolutely agree. Enjoying it is the main thing. Nice to slow down sometimes and take in your surroundings etc! Well done by the way, great to run for 35mins so soon after programme


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