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best route back in?

hey all, I garduated 2 weeks ago today with a 5k run in 34 mins, was over the moon and raring to go but then horrendous snow came and then night shifts and now ive got a horrible chesty cough, Im hoping that by the start of next week ill be ready again, but that I will be rubbish! So i was thinking these are my options...

1. re do week 9

2. try and run 5k but take it really steady ignoring the time and if i can do it then start trying to do it faster?

what would you do?


kate x

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Hey Kate, because you have been unwell I wouldn't try to set a specific target because you might find your chest is still a bit weak. I would just go out and run for fun the first time, no pressure, find your legs again and then take it from there.


Hi Kate, I would just go out and see how you feel once you get into your run. Take it easy though cos chest problems seem to take it out of many runners especially if its still cold. Run as far as your able, if you cover the 5K that will be wonderful, if you are just under but manage 30 minutes that will also be great, just listen to your body and don't overdo it. Take care, let us know how you get on once your back out there.


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