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Week 3 done but what a toughie!

Blimey that was a tough one!

The first two runs of week 3 were amazing, really enjoyed them and started to think that I can actually do this running malarkey....then came the third run of the week to remind me that I still have a blooming long way to go.

It was so tough! After the first running section, I almost gave in. My ankle was sore, my knee was sore, I had no energy..bleugh. But I kept on going and when I got to the end I understood what everyone means when they mention that sense of acheivement at the end of a tough run!

I cant imagine that the next week is going to be easy but I'm going to keep on going - even if it kills me, I will finish this!!

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and finish it you will!!

well done for getting through the run m'dear. that in itself is an achievement never mind graduation :-)

keep going!!

let us know how you get on with the new week's runs.

alil :-)


All the runs are challenging but very much achievable that's why the plan works so well.

Keep it up you'll get there in the end, congratulations on completing W3 R1 and R2 :)

Trust in the Plan!


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