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Week six

Week six

Unfortunately the hubby has been struck down with Lyme disease, so my run was respite to looking after him. Nurse by day and this week nurse by night!

So I took to the path with Baxter by four legged running buddy and started week six yesterday after work. I hadn't given it much thought so it was a welcome break from making mental lists of jobs to do. For the first time, i managed to clear my head and just enjoy some music and even sing now and again.

Still very focused on numbers, times, distances but that's just me. Aiming for the magic 30 minutes.

I'm up in manchester so planning a new route for tomorrow, also - Aldi are doing a Special on running stuff from today, take a look folks.

Happy running.

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You need to change your name to Florence Nightingale :-) Hope things get better, at least the running is a good distraction - off to Aldi myself to do battle with the crowds.

Seems that you are settling in to the running, good luck with week 6


From one nurse to another I feel for you thats tough, and there is nothing worse than a demanding patient at home!! Well done and thanks for the Aldi tip :)


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