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One to go!!

Just completed week nine, run two. For a fat fifty six year old Granny, I am feeling so proud of myself and so thankful to C25k. Who would have thought it nine weeks ago when my shin splints killed, my backside and boobies wobbled around the streets in the dark. I now go out in daylight, proud and loud!!!!

Can't wait to get my badge...

Think I'll need to keep uping gradually to get to the 5k as I'm so slow...will try 3 x 32, then 3 x 35 then just keep going until I get there.

Happy Wednesday Peeps

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Oh well done you!! I'm on week 6 and I still don't run near the village in case somebody sees me. Silly isn't it? I think it's because I finished the C25K last summer and then stopped running for 6 months and I am embarrassed to have fallen back so far. Other people who started with me last year are now onto half marathons.

Anyhow what I really wanted to say - as one chubby gran to another - was that last July I did a Race for LIfe and could do 5K in 42 minutes, so the 30 minutes eluded me by a long way, but I could do the distance - and I will again. YOU can do it too.

I am hoping to do a half marathon before my 60th birthday in November.


Good for you Jane. I've just said to hubby , by having a target it keeps you going. I'm determined to do the 5k at a park run, then keep it up weekly. After that, perhaps aim for 10k..woteva!!

I did the swimathon a couple of years ago and trained for weeks, but once it was done, I didn't get into the pool again. I really don't want to give this up. I can honestly say, rather than being a complete struggle, I actually enjoyed some of the last 2 3o minute runs, notalot, but a bit lol. Keep it up and keep in touch x


Well done Jane, us oldies can still prove we can do it along with the rest of them. I'm an older runner,(you wouldn't have guest by my name would you!?!) was one week off my 60th when I first started running. Had a few injuries along the way but love it and won't be stopping any time soon. I've not set myself any huge targets like HM, last year I was running 10K's but to be honest even that distance took a while to recover fully from so now I'm content to stick with 5K plus a bit more if the run is going well.

Don't worry about people seeing you, hold your head up high, they probably think your pretty darn amazing, which you are. You might even encourage them to try it too.

For those of you who run on a dreadmill hidden away in the garage, WHY? Get out in the fresh air, spring and summer months are here, you will love it I promise you. :)

Good luck with the rest of the programme to you and all the many others on here, I used to try and acknowledge their blogs but have to say there are just far too many these days, well done each and every one of you.


you are an inspiration, well done, thats really inspired me to keep going ( week 6)!!


Thanks Oldgirl and juicyju....

Do keep going are past the dreaded first 20 minute in week 5, fabbo!! I don't think I've ever felt such a sense of achievement as I do sometimes with these runs. Makes it all worthwhile!


Congrats, so near the green badge! I know what you mean about boobies wobbling when you first start, and I am a man!!!!

Have a great graduation run :-)


:D :D :D


Hahahah Bluepiano...that made me laugh!! Thanks


Very well done! You will have that badge in no time!! All the best for your grad run and I look forward to reading all about it :)

Your post-grad plan is very good too; slow and steady and you will get there.



Congratulations soon to be Graduate! :-) :-) :-) Gayle


Thanks all x :)


Brilliant Barbyk, you are GFREAT!!!!!

My Congrats to you and all the best for a healthy life!!


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