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W3R3 - almost a breeze!

Well the first half anyway. Second half was more of an effort but I pushed through and completed it. Again, I had judged the distance incorrectly and ended up doing a longer cool down walk as a result of ending up further away from home than intended.

And boy was there an icy blast when I turned one particular corner. Always the same corner! Glad of my buff this evening.

Trying not to think about Friday. Ok, I managed to run for 3 minutes twice this evening but 5?! Seems like such a big leap to me.

But I'm keeping the faith in Laura. She promised me this evening that if I followed all the podcasts I would be running for 30 minutes at the end. So, if dozens of others before me have successfully completed this course and they had a similar background to me (ie completely unfit and always hated running) then why should I be so different and not be able to achieve this too?

Roll on Friday and bring on the next challenge!

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Well done. Like you I always hated running & haven't really done any running since school. Each week but has been hard but somehow I've managed to complete each challenge! The advice from this site has helped so much. Good luck :)


Yup. Always hated running (well, I don't really know I suppose, as I didn't do any!) and hadn't run since primary school, about 40 years ago. Ran 47 minutes this morning and loved it. Keep going! :)


You'll be fine... Enjoy your run and the great feelings of pride and achievement afterwards. 8-)


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