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Doing my own thing


Despite managing Week 5 Run 3 with surprising ease and confidence, there was no way I could physically go from 10 minutes to 25 minutes during week 6. The pain in my feet would escalate after about 10 minutes and it was impossible. So I've been doing my own thing for a few weeks, using "Zombies, Run!" and can now do 16 minutes solid, then a short walk then a final run which is usually about 5 minutes. I'm aiming for 20 minutes solid on a new route tomorrow (the furthest point on the track I run down is downhill, making the turnaround a really difficult uphill part - hoping for something flatter in the other direction!)

Has anyone else found the increases in Cto5k to be too much and had to slow it down?

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gosh yes!! me!!

Im doing my own thing too, gradually increasing run by run by a minute or so. The jump was far too big for me.

im going to look at that zombies, run - a few people have mentioned it and it may give me another push!!

at least we're still running emmie :-)



I just kept repeating weeks until I felt more comfortable. I know many people have pushed themselves to do the next week but I was worried about 'failing' and giving up.

Just a thought - you say that your feet were painful. Have you had your shoes/feet/gait checked? My shoes were all wrong when I started and having gait analysis and buying the right shoes made a tremendous difference to how I felt.

However, you need to do whatever works for you - as AuntieAli says, you are both still running and that is great! All the best - keep blogging and let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the comments! I am planning to treat myself to proper trainers, fitted in a shop - so we'll see if they improve my running! I have to say, I haven't had any foot pain for weeks now... either I've just got stronger, or it was my old route downhill that was doing it.

Thanks to dialling it back, I've managed to greatly improve and did a fantastic 25 minute run over 3.3k the other week - I was ecstatic! This week I'm re-doing Week 6... first two runs have gone great, we'll see how 25 minutes goes tomorrow.

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