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W3,R3...my hips don’t lie, they just hurt

Afternoon all...well I joined in at the local park run again this morning...it was chucking it down here, so where as last week there were over a hundred runners this week there was at least half of that. I did my week3,run 3 podcast then when it finished I just kinda ran for a bit then walked when I need it...nothing flash or excessive. Quite happily bringing up the rear of the field 👍🏻

Next week looks a bit daunting with a solid 5 minute run but that’s next weeks problem ( Operation Emu(( head in sand)) engaged)

I have kids under the age of 10...they are currently climbing the walls as it’s still raining so we can’t really get out the house...my run was less painful 🤦🏻‍♂️

I hope you all have a lovey weekend

Laters 👋🏻

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Hurty hips... skwaat more.


Really? Do they help hips?


Hell to the yeah!

The squat is, or should be when done properly, a hip dominant exercise.


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I was secretly doing some squats in the bathroom (i am a closet squatter) but may do some more!

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Well done on another Parkrun and on another successful C25K week.


Well done you!

Can you take out the mini runners in kagouls and wellies? It might be better for your wallpaper! 😀


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