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B210K Week 2 Run 2. No records broken, but I did it :-)

Had a dull niggling headache all day today, so nearly didn't go out, but I did, and I'm really pleased I did.

After a streak of great runs, with every one breaking speed and/or distance records (thanks for the info, Garmin!), today's was just a normal run. Not good, not bad, but surprisingly un-difficult. It's hard not to feel a small twinge of disappointment at not going faster or significantly further than last time, but not every run can be a PB. And today's achievement was getting out there and keeping going.

Oh, and isn't it lovely now evening runs can be in the sunshine?

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It was still a run as you say and good you got out despite the headache :) I cant wait to start running after work in daylight has been tooooo long coming!



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