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B210k W2R1 - TICK!

After a seriously lazy and overindulgent Easter Sunday yesterday, and 2 extra last-minute arrivals for dinner, which meant that instead of doing my run I was scraping potatoes and chopping up carrots!, I got out early this morning for a run. To my amazement, my husband volunteered to come too, so off we went. It WAS cold, zero, but at least no frost or snow, which makes a change! Had a great run, doing Samantha Murphy's B210k plan for w2 without Samantha or indeed any soundtrack, just timed my intervals with a stopwatch. I really could not bear to disturb the peace of the morning with any music. Poor Martin hasn't had a lot of time to run lately and he's also getting over a cold, so he walked some of it while I ran back and forth like a puppy. Managed all the intervals (admittedly I wasn't exactly going fast) and felt I could have gone on further but I didn't want to be mean so we walked up some very steep steps and home for coffee and breakfast. I did remind him that he has run 10k whereas I haven't yet, and I think we were both glad we'd got out anyway. So on with the training!

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Well done!! B210K is a great programme - I'm at exactly the same point as you, except that I'm hoping to get out to do W2R2 tonight.

I really envy people who can run in the morning - I'd love to be able to do that but I always end up with a splitting headache later in the day. Evening seems to be the only time my body doesn't mind :-)


Wow! I am inpressed! keep on Running Soozz :-)


Sounds like you're going great guns Soozz. :-) I'm still trying to work my way back up to 5K. I'm hoping the longer daylight hours and the better weather(!) will make it easier for me to get out and fit runs around work. I did a 15 min (continuous) run last week, but after a long, active day at work on Monday I could only manage 5 min intervals, and that was a struggle. I haven't even managed to run tonight, so that will be my priority in the morning if I wake up too early.

*waves to Delia* I haven't managed to blog lately, which I know I always found helpful, but reading inspiring posts from the two of you is great for motivation. :-D



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