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Week 9 / Run 3 done.....what now?

I've not completed the programme and I'm a bit lost about where to go from here really.

Finishing time is 4.25k in 30 minutes - was a bit disappointed not to get to 5k but i might do an extra 5 minutes or so tomorrow, to try to get to that illustrious 5k!

I'd just like some tips on where people have gone from here really as I'm not sure if I should just continue with the same format for a bit (or at least until I can do the 5k in 30mins) or to aim for something different.

What are your experiences?

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Some continue to stay at the 30 minutes for awhile working on speed. Others start working on slowing increasing distances/time. Its really up to what you would like a goal to be. There are some C25K+ podcasts available if you would like to try them. The important thing is to find what works for you so you stay constant in your running. :-) Congratulations and remember to request your badge!!!! :-) Gayle


I have been using the C25K+ podcasts to work on my speed and stamina. Also just stick with the 30min runs for a bit. You can also vary your route to keep things interesting. I only started the c25K+ podcasts a couple of weeks ago so they are still a challenge particularly if I do a route with lots of hills. A friend also suggested running with a backpack with something heavy but soft (bag of prunes - that type of thing) in it. This will increase your fitness. I have signed up for a 10k race which is motivating me to do longer distances. I also use the free app 'strava' to track my runs, I find it really helps to be able to look back and see the progress I have made.

Just keep running, that is the main thing!


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