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Into the 5x50 and week 5 and 5 minute runs - high five!

May be labouring the point a little there...... but there was a certain neatness about it yesterday. My daughter had done her best to scupper my chances of getting the 5x50 off to a good start by having just about the worst night on record. She's two and has been ill this week. We are staying at my mother's for Easter alone with my sister, her husband and two children and my son as well. She screamed the house down on three separate occasions through the night so as well as having to deal with her I also had the knowledge we were probably keeping the entire household awake. I felt like death when we woke up in the morning. I've also been feeling sick this week so maybe have a mild version of what she's had. I did not exactly feel in fine racing form.

However. The thought of all those other team members getting out there on the first day helped, along with the Easter sun (that yellow thing in the sky, in case you've forgotten what it looks like) so quite a bit later in the morning I togged up and set off into run one of week five. I had struggled with run three of week four for the reasons mentioned above so I really had no idea which way this one was going to go. I'm back in my hometown which is by the sea. The sun really was shining brightly and glistening on the blue sea and as I started the first run I was tootling along the promenade next to the beach, nice gentle breeze behind me and I thought - I can do it. By the second run I was getting into my stride and I felt like I could have speeded up a bit. I restrained myself as I knew I still had one more five minute to go. Good job, because when I turned around, that gentle breeze was blowing in my face and had also picked up the pace. Luckily it was a little bit downhill for some of the stretch, but I was still very glad when Laura said it was time to walk. I had gone a bit further deliberately to more or less get to the 5k mark for 5x50 reasons, so I had a good walk back home, smile on my face and ready to have a great Easter day with all the family, which I did. I also had my first taste of chocolate in nearly seven weeks as I'd given up stuff like that for non-religious Lent.

The weather's considerably more wintry today, so I'm just debating what variety of exercise to do today. Walk in the considerably more wintry conditions or some stretchy yoga to work on my complete lack of core...

Good luck to all my fellow 5x50ers and everyone else. Hope you all had some well-earned eggs yesterday.

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Well done for doing all that after a difficult night - and not feeling too good. Look after yourself now!

We're off for a wintery walk now - a surprise one, so I don't know where we're going! Very grey out though, so I'm going to wrap up thoroughly! :)


Sounds like the 5x50 challenge has started challenging you right from day one. :-) Congratulations on getting out there. The sea view sounds marvellous!

If you go for yoga, when entering your data on the 5x50 site you should still put 5 km as the distance covered... I wasn't sure, asked them and they emailed me back in no uncertain terms that ANY 30 MINUTES EQUIVALENT EXERCISE = 5 KM. :D


Thanks for that con-brio, I was wondering. Going to do a 5k run later, I'm just cleaning at the you think 4 hours housework could count as 40K?! ;-)


Well done Tati, aren't we all being very good at forcing ourselves out for the team :D


Well done on getting out there Tati and completing it despite your disturbed night; I hope your daughter gets better soon!

Good start for the challenge too! :) What a team we are and it's amazing how not wanting to let them down helps us to push ourselves; it's all good!



Thanks all. Good to know that info Con-brio. I've had an unorthodox mix of exercise today so I may have to marshall it into something acceptable for the challenge.


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