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I've completed couch to 5k and moved on to the 5k+ runs. I find I can complete the distance in time (35 minute runs) but my body just ignores the beats per minute and just does its own pace. As a consequence, my speed isn't really picking up.

I'm averaging about 6.3km/minute. Pretty slow. Can't quite crack the 5k in 30 mins. But I HAVE lost 3kg in the three and a bit months that I've been running. From 85kg to 82kg. So pretty hyped about that.

How are other people handling the post 5k transition?

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  • Well done you a fantastic achievement time doesn't matter weight loss is brilliant and your not sitting on a sofa just off to the gym myself oh yes and happy Easter :)

  • I have been in the same place. I have not been able to crack the 30 min 5k either, but it does not matter. Getting out to run and staying in shape matters. You are doing a great job!

  • Shouldn't worry about the speed, as the others say, losing weight and being active is what matters. If 30/5k comes, it comes - if it doesn't, there are plenty of other things to aim for.

    I've got a little bit faster overall (still slow though) but am enjoying trying different routes, including some with hills in - which at the moment make my overall time slower, but I think they're helping me to build stamina - and will also make me faster on flatter routes, I hope. Plus it avoids boredom, and is helping me to really get used to the idea that I am a runner and am going to carry on doing this.

    Hope you enjoy some of your runs too - I don't enjoy them all, if I'm entirely honest, but most of them have something good in them somewhere, even if it's only that they finish!

  • HI StromCom,

    Congratulations on all you've achieved so far. I did 5K+ for a couple of months and found that although I kept to the bpm there was little difference between them speed wise. I think I tended to do longer strides for the slower bpm.

    Now I'm using Podrunner podcasts (Skyline and Staircase of the Gods) I am going faster - I was at about 7min/km and now closer to 6.5min/km at least for the faster parts of the podcast, so still slower than your 6.3min/km. My best 5k is about 34 mins. The time doesn't bother me too much; I'm still pleased when my Garmin ticks over to 5K complete. I don't think I'd be too happy if it took me much more than 35 mins but getting there at all is still an achievement.

    I'd suggest trying some different podcasts - or just creating your own playlist if bpm really doesn't suit you at all, and keep going. The main thing is to enjoy it most of the time (ha ha - we all have less good runs at times) and you'll progress at your own pace.

    Hope that helps


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