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I have done four 30 minute runs and have two more to do before I graduate (I kept going in week eight and did 30 instead of 28) but there is no way I can run 5K in that time, the best I can do is 3K. Feel a bit of a failure for going so slow ☹️

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You're not a failure! Hardly anyone (10%?) can do 5k in 30 minutes at graduation, The only thing you need to do is run for 30 minutes without stopping, 3 times. You're doing great!


Check out past posts..many ,many,many folk never ever run 5K in 30 minutes..wven after C25K..you don't have to..finish those 30 minute runs and Graduate with pride😊

Never ever feel a failure....you are not..you are a runner and have done amazingly..😊

Get to that podium slowly and steadily..enjoy the last runs and know we will all be wiring to cheer you in😉


You’re doing great. 5k will come later if you want it to

As they all said! No failure at all. I’m on 28 minute runs (W8) and am barely making 3k! I’m a proud 🐌🐌🐌 You’ll reach 5k eventually but there’s no hurry! 😀😀


You are having a laugh. If I can last 28 mins in week 8 I'll be well chuffed. Remember you're not going slow, you're going forward. Celebrate.

SitherunnerGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Lol I thought the same , now running for 28 unbelievable!


Don’t feel a failure, you’re doing way more than you were 8 weeks ago and that’s a huge achievement. I guess it should be called couch to 30 minutes but that doesn’t sound as snappy.

Firstly ... really well done for running for 30mins. A few weeks ago you wouldn't have thought you would be doing that. If you can run for 30 mins there's no way you're a failure.

Distance and speed do not matter at the moment, they will come with time.

Also this hot weather is probably slowing you up, I'm sure you'll find you improve distance and speed when it gets a bit cooler.

So keep smiling, keep running, keep hydrated and keep up the good work!

Happy running!


I will never run 5k in 30 mins. But I can run 5k!! I'm happy with it taking 45 mins at the moment! Maybe one day I'll run it in 40 mins! Ha ha!!! 😁😁😁


Well done hun,

The title couch to 5k is a bit misleading the aim of the programme is to actually get you running for 30 mins non stop and that’s it, only 10% will do 5k in 30 mins straight off. My hubby runs half marathons and it took him weeks to get a 30 min 5k. I very much doubt I’d ever be able to do a 30 min 5k I’ll be happy if I can do it in under an hour. X


Hey there! Well done on completing the c25k (nearly)! I found myself in a similar position to you. Knew I wasn’t going to run 5k in 30 at graduation so in the later Wks I tended to run the times I was supposed to and if I felt ok I kept running until I got to 5k. I wasn’t doing 5k in 30 but I was able to run 5k and that mattered more to me then than the time it took. After graduating I kept up the 5ks and did some shorter intervals (Laura’s speed podcasts) and this helped me quicken my pace. So last weekend, about 5 weeks after graduating I managed 5k in 29.38. If that target of 30 mins is important to you (it’s not for everyone and that’s ok too) use it to motivate you beyond the 9 weeks, to consolidate your 5k ability and keep going until you reach your target. If I can do it, you can. Good luck and enjoy your graduation!

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