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Week six run 1 conquered

Well after my venture outside yesterday was back to treadmill today legs were sore from yesterday not used to the pavement pounding but I managed it and boy are my legs hurting now. I quite like the intervals but am worried about running non stop again but have come this far am not willing to give up now. Have ordered a running jacket and am going to try the same run outside again but this time will know what is ahead and will try to adjust pace and breathing. Thanks for all your comments they really keep me going. Happy running all

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I keep saying it, but it does work - slow and steady! Anyone who finds 'fast' (or even 'faster') manageable is very welcome to do fast, but for those who find it harder - stick to slow until you can keep going for 30 minutes. By then you know you can run, and can worry about doing fancy stuff like going faster and going up hills. :O

It might be boring, but if it keeps us off the couch, it's all good. :)


Sure is strange as it sounds I'm worried that if I go slow will stop moving altogether. Jacket arrived so no excuse now but it's treadmill tomorrow before work but am ready for it legs have recovered time to give them a pounding again Do appreciate your comments


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