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Wild asparagus. W7R2

Drizzly morning, but I was determined to do it. Met a friend out running, half my age: got the thumbs up. Then passed another guy clutching a bunch of wild asparagus... made me laugh. Asparagus picking involves old guys with sticks delving into the undergrowth, bottoms upwards... somehow doesn't fit the image of a svelte 30-something runner. But then it is Easter and this is Italy.

Managed to complete my usual route before the 25 minutes were up :-) , so that meant I had to continue on up the oh-so-steep hill instead of taking the usual steps. I was really pleased with myself... kept going for about a minute (no, Laura, I didn't sprint it... going up a stiff gradient was enough). That'll be my challenge now... to complete the hill. Would never ever have thought I could possibly do it... now it feels within reach (eventually).

Tomorrow I start the 5x50. Just got my new MTB (a reward for getting this far... using the money I've saved on cigarettes since I quit smoking at Xmas). It's all pink, white and flowery!!! They didn't have any suitable serious colour bikes for women. Have to laugh... I'm normally a black/grey/purple type, with the odd flash of fuschia. Going to call it my "Barbie". 8-)

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Hi! Sounds like you had a great run (them hills are a challenge to be beaten!)

Smiling at the thought of elderly bottoms in the air, fresh wild asapragus must be worth it for them!

Well done at the no smoking too, the Barbie sounds like a wonderful reward, I'm sure you'll share many happy miles with her! We just bought a bike for my middle daughter in case she has to ride grandson to school from September with him attached on the back with a Trailgator - her bike is black and fuschia with bike pictures all over it (an old Red ir Dead designer model reduced in the sale); she doesn't do pink at all but will put up with it as there is a nice broad saddle and she found an extra gel cover for the seat! Built for comfort, not speed!!! ;-)

Looking forward to starting 5x50 - running tomorrow, then bike ride possibly on Monday after early shift at work :-)


Hope all goes well for your run tomorrow, Poppy! :-)

What are the gel covers you mention? An alternative to those cyclist shorts/trews with the funny padding?


You're just going great guns aren't you! :-) Well done. Week7 Run 2 and a hill, keep going and I will catch up to you one day. :-)


A big hug from me to you. :-)


:-) Thanks



Gel seat covers are fab, fabric covered thick gel pads shaped to fit over your bike seat! I have a mans bike as it was in stock and the right frame size, and I didn't bother to change the seat, I wear padded trousers if I am going on a long ride (say 15 miles or so), and use the gel seat cover as well; but you could just use the gel seat cover on its own.

Mine cost about £7 from Tesco; it slips over the bike seat and has a drawstring to fix it tight to the seat. I take it off if I park the bike at work or the station in case it rains, but you could leave it on permanently. You can get them in all shapes and sizes - my daughters is huge, cost £15 and is very well padded - she doesn't like getting sore bits/bones (her excuse for not cycling more on my other daughters bike!) :-)


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